Word Link
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Word Link review

Word Link is one of the most played games ever! It was developed and published by Worzzle Games, Vagh-Vagh Innovations, Snofkin, Jabir Ali, Salim Game House, and SpeXials. The game is available to download and install on Android and iOS devices. Although it is free for downloading, Word Link offers in-app purchases, including the ads removing. 

Graphics 8/10

Graphics is not the game’s advantage. The developers decided to keep it simple and minimalistic. Word Link utilizes the cartoon style, but some challenges look like drawing with felt-tip pens or colored pencils. The game does not have animations, the only additional effect on some levels is glitching. But in our opinion, the games that have addictive gameplay and want to focus the user’s attention on it, do not necessarily need to have complex and realistic graphics patterns. 

Gameplay 10/10

Word Link is one of the most installed games on Google Play and Apple Store. For example, on Google Play only, it has more than 50 million installs!  Such a great success, the game owes precisely the simple rules and a large number of different levels. It has almost 1000 chapters; each of them contains from 5 to 10 levels to solve. The gameplay is simple: solve the challenges, passed the levels, and complete the chapters to finish Word Link. Although the game requires the Internet to play, you can download the levels and chapters in advance and play Word Link anytime and anywhere, even if you are offline. In addition, there are no time limits, you can solve the puzzles in the temp convenient for you. By the way, there are a lot of different guides and tutorials on how to solve the Chapters on the Internet. We advise you not to use them. It is much better to pass the levels without help. Remember, that Word Link does not have time limits! If you are stuck on any of the levels, then feel free to use the tips inside the game. They are completely free.

Replay Value 9/10

Usually, we don’t rate Puzzle games with high marks in this section, because we don’t find it interesting to play the game again after you already know everything. But it is not a case of Word Link, and the reason lies in the amount of chapter and levels. You simply cannot remember how to solve each puzzle because there are thousands of them. 

Controls 10/10

Word Link is available to play on two platforms: Android and iOS. Both of them are running on mobile devices. Therefore, the only way to play Word Link is by using your touchscreen. The commands are simple and intuitive. In most cases, you just need to tap the option you want to select. In other cases, you are required to drag and drop the letters to complete the word. As the game is quite popular, you can find a lot of different tutorials on how to play on the Internet or inside the game. 


Word Link is a great game to boost your brain skills and kill time. The offline download feature allows you to play the game anywhere and anytime, even without the Internet connection. Word Link is free and available to download on Android and iOS devices. 


  • Free to install and download
  • A lot of chapters and levels
  • Light music.


  • Contains ads
  • Does not available to play on the computer.
Replay Value

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