Word Cross
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Word Cross review

Crossword games finally came into the app format for your Android. It is one of the most interesting brain challenges of modern days. To win you need to think hard, solve puzzles, and form words. It does not require any specific skills or previous experience in playing mobile games.

Gameplay - 9/10

The main goal of the game is to fill the horizontal and vertical lines with words. It is a mobile version of old fashioned and beloved crosswords. The difference is in the better graphics, ability to change the order of words, hints you can receive from friends and daily bonuses. Coins are the rewards you receive for Extra Words and scores.

This game is challenging. The levels are getting harder with each new step. There are 2 000 challenges that open up every time you finish the task. Beware, since the game is free of charge, there may be ads jumping on your screen while you are playing or in-between games.

Graphics - 9/10

Graphics are catchy. The game offers you a different background for your table with words. Forget about boring white pages, enjoy colorful fields. The letters are big, easy to see and memorize, highlighted by color. While the graphics are simple, it focuses mainly on the words and letters. This makes the experience unforgettable.

Replay Value - 8/10

The game is really addictive. It consumes all the time you have and did not actually have before you began to play. The hardest tasks usually are the most interesting. So, you will not even notice that you are already on the 2100 level, which is the last one for now. Developers promise they may consider adding more levels. For now, you can go back and try to play it again. Try to pass it with higher speed or make competition with your friends.

Controls - 10/10

You will have to tap a lot and swipe letters up and down. There is nothing extraordinary in controls if you have already played other games on the phone, no matter what were they. Remember to use button Shuffle if you want to change the order of the letters. Hints button hides clues. Ask Friends button offers you help from your mates.


This is a perfect way to practice your knowledge of words, grammar, and intuition. You don’t have to be a writer or linguist to win the game. It is fun, it gives you enough hints to continue. Word Cross attracts people of different age, professions, and countries. It expands our horizons most pleasantly, through the fascinating game.


  • More than 2 000 challenges
  • Hidden bonuses
  • Improves grammar and vocabulary
  • Colorful graphics
  • Free to play


  • There are ads in the game
  • There is a limit of levels
Replay Value

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