War Robots Multiplayer Battles
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War Robots Multiplayer Battles review

War Robots Multiplayer Battles is a shooter for mobile platforms that takes you to the possible future where the war of robots takes place. Pick a side and shoot all your enemies. The game was developed by Pixonic Games LTD. It is free of charge but contains in-app purchases. The game received positive reviews from critics and has 4.7 points of 5 from users on App Store.

Gameplay 10/10

The main attraction of War Robots Multiplayer Battles game is its gameplay. You can feel yourself real commander who controls one of 50 deadliest robots. While your robot has to kill every rival you see, your main goal is to prove that you are the best commander. An amazing number of weapons will help you to reach this goal. Try missiles or shotguns, or even plasma cannons. You may customize your robot as much as you want.

If you feel lonely in the game, don’t worry. Offer your friends to join you in a multiplayer mode. You can team up with them or random strangers from across the world, and lead your robots to the victory together. For gamers who prefer to play alone, there is Free-For-All and Arena mode, where you compete against smart AI. And if you feel like you want to do something else, go to explore the world you are currently in.

Graphics 10/10

Graphics in War Robots Multiplayer Battles is colorful and atmospheric. You can notice from the first glance that developers did their best to create a world of robots. It is not only a huge arsenal of weapons that looks fantastic, and not the unique design of each robot, it is outstanding landscapes, buildings and small details like roads, snow or grass. Sounds in the game totally match everything that is happening on the screen.

Replay Value 10/10

Well, there are lots of robots, that is for sure. There are numerous modes for everyone. You can choose multiplayer or play alone. You may travel across the map or build a strategy of your victory. There are side quests that bring you scores and rewards. And you can’t simply leave the game after your first victory. The game lures you with a variety of options, from 50 unique robots to a huge community of players to play with.

Controls 9/10

Controls in War Robots Multiplayer Battles can be challenging for everyone who joined the game for the first time. You will have to practice a lot to be able to get through all the sudden attacks and tough fights. You don’t have many chances, so you can’t waste them. Learn mechanics before you start the fight with others. Train hard. Don’t forget to look at your energy indicators. Use on-screen controls to rotate your robot. The menu is easy to reach. Tap on the sign Menu in the right upper corner, in case you need it. After some time you will get used to the game.


War Robots Multiplayer Battles game is much more than a shooter. It is a strategy, a multiplayer adventure, and lots of possibilities for robot fans. The game does not require anything special from you. All you need is to stay connected to the Internet while you are playing online and be able to keep up with the battle rhythm. It is free of charge and you don’t have to buy anything to become a winner.


  • Free of charge
  • Numerous modes, including multiplayer
  • Fifty robots with unique design
  • Outstanding graphics and sounds


  • The game requires fast Internet connection
  • Some benefits are available as in-app purchases only
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