Unreal Tournament
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Unreal Tournament review

In XXI century new installments of good old franchises don’t even mention they’re been here before. They keep the original name, like they’re the first of their kin. It’s hard to imagine shooter game fans unaware of Unreal Tournament, but now it’s reloaded. Keeping its name, the game is revamped to fit in 2018 after the latest installment that was published in 2007.

The remake doesn’t certainly mean it’ll be a different game. The essence is the same: first person shooting. But now it’s thoroughly remade. Both PC and console users should have been waiting for such an update, and it’s coming soon.

For now (August 2018) the game is under pre-alpha testing, so it’s available for free for everyone. Don’t expect it to be as stable as the release, and don’t expect all of its features to make it, but new ones will surely come. Now we’re here to make sure Unreal Tournament runs at all. Enjoying it is an unnecessary, but a pleasant part of it.

Gameplay 7/10

Arena games are usually simple: live and let die. The interest is about how you will. The simplicity of missions (capture the flag, protect yours, or just kill them all) is overweighed by large selection of weapons and tactics depending on your aim and on location. Teamwork adds psychological dimension to this shooting game.

So explore locations and weapons, learn tricks and dodge the bullets, and survive for as long as it’s fun. In online mode you can team up with random partners against random opponents. In the final version there will certainly be friend lists.

The game already offers various modes. Along with tutorial modes, there are single player modes (playing against bots) and online matches: Death Match, Blitz, their combinations.

So, if you’re familiar to the series, you’ll find the same as before, but this time it does look like it’s 2018.

Graphics 9/10

The developers insisted the game should be compatible with old computers. So it’s not as photorealistic as it could have been if they’d only stuck to 2016 (and later) hardware. But it runs smoothly on new and old machines equally. The PC produced in 2013 can be called “old”, right?

It’s totally 3D, and the camera mode can be switched with one key to see your character from aside. The environment looks futuristic, terrible and dangerous – just like it’s supposed to be.

Replay Value 8/10

Like most arena shooters, Unreal Tournament is almost inexhaustible in situations. Games like that usually get updates for a long time, and some of them can rebalance it totally. Others will drastically change the mechanics, so a player will have to develop some new tactics.

AS for now, the most fun is watching the game finally getting cut out of the stone.

Controls 8/10

Being a PC game, Unreal Tournament offers default PC keyboard-and-mouse control type. You control the camera and the weapons with the mouse, and the keys do the rest. While your movements are set to the default WASD, other commands may be not that intuitive,  but it won’t take long to learn them.

On the contrary, controllers won’t provide the precision you need to aim right. The game offers no automatic aiming, and you’ll have to aim hard with controller while it’s easier done with M&K.


The pre-alpha version gives the complete impression of the upcoming game (though the details may vary in later alphas and betas and in the release version). It’s a grand fantastic FPS made for PСs, optimized for all modern hardware from top to low-end, and with a large story behind. The arena fans will be delighted.

The forums are filled with wishes and complaints; but that’s what testing is for. The developers try to iron the glitches and to find the perfect balance. Hope the game makes it for us to see what they make out of it. Otherwise the alpha we preinstalled will only be good for local bot-hunting.


  • Good graphics
  • Various weapons
  • Decent keyboard controls
  • Compatible with old hardware
  • Pre-alpha makes you feel involved in the miracle making.


  • The game is not as stable so far
  • You may have to wait long for an online game to start
  • Not sure when and whether it will be officially released.
Replay Value

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