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Toy Blast review

The Toy Blast is a standard puzzle game with colorful toys you need to put in order. Welcome to the world of Amy, who needs your help and your ability to solve puzzles. Sort cubes by color and help the cute girl to gather all her toys.

Gameplay 10/10

This is a perfect time eater if you need one. If you don’t have time to get into real hard gameplay, complicated characters and their backstories, download Toy Blast on your mobile for free and have fun with exploding colorful lines of cubes.

As you may already understand, you will have to match puzzles. But! Your moves are limited. While you are searching for two, three or more blocks of the same color, make sure it will clear as much place as possible. The toys are hidden in the middle of lines and can be revealed only by removing the cubes.

The higher the level the harder task you face. As the pleasant bonus on the upper levels you may find extra rockets, explosives and colorful Rubik’s Cube that will help you to get through lines by exterminating them. Just make sure you are not running out of your moves. They will be revealed on the table in front of you, as well as your goals.

Graphics 10/10

The game has really attractive graphics inside. While there are not many details on the background, it looks colorful and dreamlike. Perhaps, the beauty is in the simplicity. The overall look is cartoonish and vivid. The bright colors of the game are the first that lures us into it. In combination with simple and catchy audio effects and Amy’s cheers each time you pass the level successfully, this is an incredible experience.

Replay Value 10/10

Toy Blush has numerous levels. It offers over 1500 puzzles, challenging and interesting to play. Coming back to the game is only normal, especially when the game remembers your previous results, you can share them with friends or make competitions with them on the leaderboard. Every day you receive a prize after spinning the wheel, can take part in daily challenge or tournament, so you will never get bored even if you have already won in the game once.

Controls 10/10

This game is mainly about constant taping. There is nothing hard about controls. Even without Amy’s explanations, you can quickly understand the rules and tap on matching cubes. If you will want to open menu, you find it in the lower bar on the left side. Tap on it and it will be revealed.


Toy Blast is a family game, easy and pleasant to play. It does not require any extra skills from you. Play this game when you need to switch off all your daily worries and have fun for a while. It still needs concentration and a strategy from you. Analyze your position and pick the biggest number of same color cubes.


  • Adorable cartoonish graphics
  • Easy to navigate
  • Over 1500 puzzles to solve.


  • Consumes your time
  • Gameplay may be too simple for you.
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