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The House of Da Vinci review

The House of Da Vinci by Blue Brain Games s.r.o. is made in the style of the Renaissance and certainly not without one of the most famous and genius people of that time – Leonardo Da Vinci. Are you interested? Keep reading this The House of Da Vinci review to find more about its mysteries.

Most of the mechanical puzzles used in The House of Da Vinci are explicitly built upon the inventions of this scientist. The gameplay is familiar to us, at each location you need to solve puzzles and find a way out of the room.

Graphics 9/10

The graphics look a bit outdated against the background of many modern games. However, this does not make it worse than them. Furthermore, there is an outstanding level design. It allows you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game entirely through its dark rooms and mysterious sound. 

Gameplay 10/10

The main character, a student of Leonardo da Vinci, is trying to find out where the genius disappeared and what happened in his house. He also discovers himself being in danger because of search. 

From Leonardo's notes, the player gradually learns new details about a sinister clan that is interested in Da Vinci working with them, with all the ensuing consequences. What so significant invented the great master? You'll only find out about this after completing the game.

Over time, the player has two unique items available. Due to them, you can find hidden things at any level. Puzzles range from a simple search for stuff to solving complex sliding tile games where the tiles spin wildly to play a gross risk. There are also tips, the amount of which depends on a specific task. You'll have from one to four, and most often, it's enough.

Replay Value 8/10

The House of Da Vinci will take more than one hour of your spare time. The game is quite complicated and includes many puzzles and tasks. You may want to go through it again but over time to forget all the solutions.  

Controls 10/10

You play the game by swiping and pushing the screen of your phone or tablet. These actions help you to open secret compartments, move screws into place, slide ribbons from scrolls, mix tiles, open locks, press, pull, rotate, manipulate and generally interact with countless objects and moving parts.

The depth of this puzzle mechanics itself is impressive. Time and time again, you think that you have a solution. However, you get it only to discover that you have solved only a tiny part of the puzzle. The objects that you find often require additional puzzle solutions after they are in your inventory. 


In The House of Da Vinci, everything is at a decent level – the sound, graphics, and gameplay leave a good impression. So we can recommend you to download The House of Da Vinci if you like secrets, mystery, and challenges. 

Passing all levels can drag on for a considerable number of hours, which makes the game even more fascinating. If you have any difficulties, the player will always help out numerous tips. 

A variety of puzzles pleases – the developers have tried to make sure that even the seemingly similar puzzles are solved each time differently, and, moreover, most often, their complexity increases.


  • There's a fascinating plot
  • Puzzles and tasks are challenging
  • The game supports many languages
  • The user feels entire atmosphere immersion


  • There could be some glitches
  • The graphics is slightly outdated
Replay Value

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