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Switch Mobile Transfer review

Switch Mobile Transfer is the app that allows you to transfer the data from one mobile device to another. The app was developed and published by Consensus Corporation. It has a clean interface and a beautiful appearance. You can download Switch Mobile Transfer on two mobile platforms: Android and iOS. It is completely free but offers additional in-app purchases. 

Interface 9/10

The application uses light colors with bright red to highlight the buttons or menu tabs. The text is black or dark grey. Users can not change the color palette or switch to a Dark Mode. 

Menu and Features 10/10

It often happens when people buy a new smartphone and need to transfer different kinds of data on a new one. In such situations, they commonly use several applications to do this. For example, AirDrop for media files, if we are talking about iPhones, Apple Cloud Storage for contacts, and so on. What if you have one app that can transfer all data within several clicks and a couple of seconds? This is what Switch Mobile Transfer can do. All you need is to download and install the application on two devices. It allows you:

  • To back up the content for preventing data deletion in case of phone loss;
  • Restore data;
  • Keep and transfer various data types, including contacts, videos, images, and so on. 

The algorithm of using the application is very simple:

1. First of all, you need to download and install Switch Mobile Transfer on the first device (from where you want to transfer the data).

2. Then, go to the Connect Your Devices tab, and get a QR code.

3. After that, download and install the application on another device, and scan the QR code.

4. Select the files you want to transfer.

5. Wait a couple of minutes or seconds (depends on the size of files). 

Note, that Switch Mobile Transfer requires a Wi-Fi connection. 

Usability 10/10

Switch Mobile Transfer has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The navigation system is straightforward and simple. We are sure that you do not face any troubles or problems with using this app. 

Any Glitches? 10/10

To test the application for the presence of various kinds of bugs and glitches, we decided to transfer data, the volume of which was 5 GB. Despite the fact that it took us several minutes, we did not see any delays in the app.

Device’s Compatibility

The app only runs on mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. You can not install or download it on PC or Mac. Unfortunately, Consensus Corporations did not make any announcements about their future plans and the probability of launching new versions for other platforms. 


Switch Mobile Transfer is the app that allows you to transfer the data from one device to another. It has a clean and intuitive interface with decent navigations. The app is only available on mobile platforms. We thank you for reading this Switch Mobile Transfer review and hope it was helpful!


  • Free
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to use


  • Contains ads
  • No desktop version
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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