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Robo Recall review

Though Oculus Rift is no more a futuristic concept but an item you can easily purchase (if you haven’t already), the selections of VR games is not as rich as could have been. The more precious is every available piece.

Robo Recall marks the moment VR games have become something more than a pure demo of what VR looks like. It’s a spectacular sci-fi action game set in robotized tomorrow, and the story is tightly action-packed. If you’re a fan of robot combats, you’re welcome.

Gameplay 8/10

Riot of the machines is an inexhaustible source for sci-fi action flicks. If you’re a Blade Runner or Robocop fan, you’ll feel familiar with the plot and the esthetics. Because your mission is to find and to destroy rebellious robots gone wild. They are easy to detect but hard to destroy.

You’re armed with four types of weapons – a pistol, a revolver, a shotgun, a plasma rifle. Reach out for the one you’d like to use to activate it. But if you wish, you can use your bare hands to fight.

Though VR adds more realism to fighting scenes, and real movements you make increase involvement level, there is still some simplification. To avoid running and even walking that’s hard and dangerous with the headset on, the developers implied the idea of teleportation from spot to spot.

Graphics 10/10

Futuristic sci-fi environment may look a bit cartoony, but it’s one of the best offers for VR. It’s highly detailed and interactive. It offers full FPV of incredible depth. Robots you see all around look and move their own way. Fights are spectacular, with a lot of fantastic details.

The selection of VR action games get even narrower when you start to appreciate this elaborate world, so you just won’t settle for less. Let’s hope other developers will catch up with Epic soon and offer some rival projects.

Replay Value 7/10

Though action games tend to be duller as you proceed, this one is for complete enjoyment, the further you go. And, anyway, you have your Oculus Rift, and it doesn’t offer as many games as we’d like; so enjoy what’s there.

Not so various in pure gameplay, the game compensates it with its level of details. You may put your headset on not so much to go further, but to re-experience this robotic fairytale. And if your friends just wonder what VR looks like, it’s the perfect piece to introduce it to them.

Controls 8/10

In fact, it’s hard to compare it to any game outside the VR. You will need a headset, certainly, and a pair of controllers that capture your hands motion. It’s quite intuitive; you just turn around, make steps, or perform actions with your hands, and the environment reacts. Your hands movements are detected well enough, so you’re free to grab your enemies, drop them, or even dismantle them manually.

A brief tutorial in the beginning demonstrates the possibilities of controls and what to do with them in this robotized world. It’s quite easy to make out. But you must prepare your real life environment, a room with enough space and nothing to run into while you’re playing. Thanks to teleportation, you won’t have to run or even walk around, but still beware.


Robo Recall may lack variety of action, but what’s there is just perfect. It may be a good reason to purchase Oculus Rift if you haven’t yet; the experience makes it worth this. No matter what kind of games you prefer, this one takes the game to the new level.

We’d like to live to see the moment when games like Robo Recall become ordinary; but for 2018 it’s still outstanding, a real FPV action masterpiece.


  • One of the most spectacular VR games so far
  • Elaborate controls system
  • Fully interactive environment
  • Great variety of weapons and fighting tricks
  • Tutorial included.


  • You’ll need an Oculus Rift
  • The action may get a bit dull after long playing.
Replay Value

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