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Red Dead Redemption 2 review

Learn the violent history of Wild West by playing the open world action-adventure Red Dead Redemption 2. You are coming to 1899 America with the one goal to survive, robbing and killing others on the way. You have the choice to change the situation, trust your instincts or stay loyal to the gang.

Gameplay - 10/10

This game is another masterpiece from Grand Theft Auto V creators. If you are familiar with the previous edition of Red Dead Redemption, you are aware of the important role of the scenario in all the games. It recreates an atmosphere of America back in those times, with its wildness, with civilization still in progress. The action takes place in the 1890s. There is no specific location named. The map reminds landscapes of Colorado, Arizona, Montana, and Wyoming. There are still no updates on the size of the map.

The main character in the story is Arthur Morgan, a young man, a member of Van der Linde Gang. After he was rescued from prison by his companion, they are using roving camp as their home base. There they can tell stories near the campfire or play poker. Mini poker games return in this edition. You will be able to learn some virtual cash, making a bet.

The protagonist still needs to perform his daily duties, help around the camp to keep the morale high. You’ll need to go hunting and fishing as well, and while you are making friends there, they will tell you some secrets. These secrets can lead you to hidden treasures.

Graphics - 10/10

Graphics looks extremely realistic. All the characters are human-like, not cartoonish. Every detail is in its place. The background is colorful, and while your character is moving a lot, it changes from Wild West towns to snowy mountains, fields, prairies. Developers of the game recreated life in American of that time. Even if you are not a fan of the genre, you may still want to look inside, to admire the views.

Replay Value - 9/10

This is an open world game with hundreds of different tasks that you can switch back and force. If you feel bored with shooting o robberies, you can come back to the camp, find new friends, explore the world. There are lots of side quests and treasure hunting which you can take part in. You can change the story of your character as much as you want.

Controls - 9/10

Controls in the game are really intuitive, but you will still need to get acquainted with it before taking challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2. You need to get familiar with the shooting system and riding horses since you will do this a lot. When you are playing this game on PS4 for the first time, remember to use the X button to change speed or join the same speed of your companion. The left analog stick is for steer, and L3 is good when you want to hold your horse.


The game is among the most popular open world actions of the 2018-2019 period. It has great potential and enough place to extend and grow. Join the world of uncontrolled rogues, feel the spirit of freedom at the beautiful landscapes.


  • Extraordinary graphics
  • Great story of outlaws
  • Lots of different tasks


  • Guilty conscience for being in a gang?
  • Consumes all your free time
Replay Value

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