Purple Neon Butterfly 3D Theme
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Purple Neon Butterfly 3D Theme review

Tired of looking at the same old and dull wallpapers and want something new to spark up your phone’s display? Purple Neon Butterfly 3D Theme is the thing that will add beauty to your phone. With beautiful neon design and an ultimate sparkly effect, this is a must-have for every phone out there. 

The app has many blue themed backgrounds and has many types of wallpaper for your phone. The app allows you to long press on the screen to see more live features!

This app is free to download and can be used by Launcher users. The application may not work if you do not have launcher pre-installed on your phone to support it.

Interface – 6/10

The user-interface of the app is quite easy. Once downloaded, you can go to the app and browse through the wallpapers. When you find a wallpaper of your liking, you can click on it, the image will enlarge, and then you will find an option on the top of your phone’s screen with three horizontal dots. Click on the option and choose, “set as,” to set the image as a wallpaper or your lock screen.

Other than this, the same goes for your keyboard themes as well!

Menu and Features – 8/10

Menu and features of the app are quite impressive and something to marvel at. The app’s menu tray is easy to find. Once you install the app, you will find everything ready to use and easy to find. The menu has dedicated slots for wallpaper and keyboards, with various menus such as your favorites or the new ones shown separately for your use and ease.

As for features, the application comes with regular and updates, which are rolled out often. Furthermore, the app comes with a free set of keyboard themes to add spark to your keyboards as well!  A user can also make one a DIY theme of their choice with the app too. All they need to do is add an image or go to the settings and choose whatever they want for their custom theme.

Usability – 7/10

The application, much like other wallpaper and lock screen images app, has an easy interface. UI might be hard for the user to understand if the user is using such an app for the first time. The menu is self-sufficient to find everything you need to.

The application’s toggle bars and the DIY section for making your own keyboard tray work just fine as well. Additionally, it is easy to choose and apply wallpapers and lock screens!

Any Glitches? – 2/10

This application is the king of glitches! It may not work on your phone if you do not have launcher application. Other than this, the app crashes most of the time and may not work even if you get to the menu tray!

Device Compatibility

The application is compatible will all Android devices with 4.0 version and up. Purple Neon Butterfly 3D Theme can be easily found in the Google Play Store.

Is it any good?

Honestly third-party apps, such as these, only make your smartphone lag. The application may work smoothly with the help of a launcher, but it will take up more space on your phone. You can download various wallpapers from other websites to save yourself from the trouble of using this application.


  • Many wallpapers
  • Many interactive designs with live features
  • DIY keyboard options


  • The application does not work without the launcher
  • It keeps crashing

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