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Plague Inc. review

Plague Inc. is a game that has involved plenty of gamers all over the world. This highly authentic simulator is made in a pandemic genre, and it is about a world-ending. This is also a strong strategy title suggesting a co-operative mode, competitive multiplayer and a lot of other features taking you to the next level of gaming.

Graphics 7/10

The graphics are well done, but indeed you should not count upon the bright presentation. It is rather simple. Here the smart strategy and planning are much more important. And what is cool is the advanced artificial intellect you find playing this game.

Gameplay 10/10

The players are suggested to create the plague of a special kind that will be able to wipe out humanity off the map. When this lethal plague is designed, the cure will be looked for, and it is important not to allow the government to react and save the people’s lives until the infection spreads. Though the game seems rather simple at the very beginning, as things develop, it becomes more complicated. You have to act quickly to meet your goal objective. You have no right for a mistake. The virus can mutate and kill the people too fast, preventing them from spreading the disease, that is why you should decide on how severe your plague should be.

Of course, the theme of the title is rather dark, but if you want to get engaged with the perfectly developed gameplay, you should try it. Be ready to increase Insect Infection or apply any other tools to win. You can use the side effects to make it impossible to establish a diagnosis and discover the cure. You are suggested to unlock the additional types of plagues, choose various levels of difficulty through the in-app purchases.

Replay Value 10/10

Taking into account the smart challenges, it is quite possible to restart the game in order to improve your action plan and make it better. The simulator is full of features, and that makes a playing process catching. Also, you are suggested to try your hands with ten disease types and 20 unique scenarios. Whatever you choose, you will get different gameplay.

Controls 6/10

The controls are responsive being easy to understand and to master.


The game is rated for teens because of its dark theme. If you are not ready to kill humanity, you can refuse it. But if you want to enjoy the challenge, you are welcome.


  • There is a time pressure making the game even more challenging
  • It is a free download
  • There are interesting in-app purchases


  • It requires to behave like antagonist
  • Poor graphics
Replay Value

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