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NLT Bible review

NLT Bible is the app that offers a Bible in your pocket. It is the most convenient way for all users who want to study or read the Bible, to actually reach it. There are numerous features that you may appreciate, including convenient bookmarks and offline mode, for example. The app was created by Tecarta Inc. It is popular among users, who highly evaluated it. You can download NLT Bible on your Android device from Google Play.

Interface 9/10

NLT Bible design is not one of its main attractions. It looks simple and easy to learn, however, it does not offer something extraordinary or unique. The graphics are rather messy. While you will not get lost in the Bible, due to a well-organized catalog and highlighted chapters, you still may feel a little bit disappointed with plain text and lack of any decorations.

Features 10/10

NLT Bible app is incredibly popular among users. It was downloaded over 5 million times, and the number is still growing. It offers a clear translation into English and contains numerous explanations. The main features you may appreciate in this Bible:

  • The app allows you to take notes. If you are worried about some part of the text you did not understand and you want to show it to others, you can save this part of the text into the notes. You can also keep in the notes your favorite parts of the Bible;
  • The ability to underline verses of words you want to show others you come back to;
  • You can make bookmarks. This is one of the best options in the NLT Bible app. You don’t have to search for the verse you liked. Just make a bookmark in one tap;
  • This feature will be highly appreciated for people who make notes on margins. Keep the questions or your own thoughts close to the verse you have currently read. You will be able to re-read them or ask your priest about it;
  • With a double-tap, your Bible appears the full screen. It is a nice feature, especially if you want to concentrate on reading, and don’t want to be disturbed by your phone.

Usability 10/10

NLT Bible app has a high replay value mainly because you can always come back to one of the most popular books on Earth. You can study it or keep it as your daily read. You may learn by heart different stances or keep it open during the service in the church.

Any Glitches? 10/10

NLT Bible offers you to choose which navigation suits you the best. You can use the scroll wheel, keyboard, 3-tap, and 2-tap. Choose which one is the easiest for you. There are different ways to highlight verses and make bookmarks. All the tools are right in your sight. There is a search bar that makes your search simple. Just start typing the verse you want to find or the sentence you are looking for. There is a question mark in the left corner below the text, use it if you have any questions. The menu is hidden on your right, above the icon of the pencil, which you can use to highlight text.

Device’s Compatibility

Although the app was made for smartphones, you can try and use it on other platforms.


NLT Bible is the Bible translation in English. It contains explanations and offers you to keep notes, make bookmarks, and highlight the favorite parts. It is free of charge and available on Android.


  • Numerous features
  • Free
  • Offline mode


  • Minor bugs
  • Some content available as in-app purchases only
Menu and Features
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