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Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe review

Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe is not the first game to merge the worlds of fighting games with the comic book universes, but it is undoubtedly one of the best attempts at creating a shared reality for mighty fighters and superheroes with inexplicable powers.

Gameplay - 7/10

As you start out, the game is bound to make a great impression thanks to the interesting story modes and the AI’s ability to adjust itself to your skill level. The latter may make the game seem deceptively simple, but once you manually increase the difficulty level, you’ll see that it gets a lot more challenging. Unfortunately, both stories only take a short amount of time to complete even if you’re not a very experienced player, and once you’re done, there’s not much left to explore.

You can play the minigames or go straight to the online multiplayer, which is arguably the most fun and exciting feature of this game. However, you need to practice a lot to get good at it which might lead to initial disappointment and frustration for newbie players.

Graphics - 7/10

The graphics are a blend of realistic and comic book art styles, and we think it’s a pretty good mix. All the DC characters are immediately recognizable, and most of them retain their signature looks down to the smallest details. The depictions of blood are very frequent and somewhat exaggerated at times, but you won’t find any other gory elements that are so common for MK games here.

Replay Value - 6/10

While the game itself is fun and exciting to experience, it doesn’t take a long time to complete both stories and unlock all new characters. Once you’ve done that, there isn’t much left to do in MK vs. DC Universe, but you can play online multiplayer battles with friends and random players from all over the world. You can also practice your skills in the Kombo Challenge and Arcade modes, but there’s little incentive to do that unless you play multiplayer battles.

Controls - 7/10

Just like all other Mortal Kombat games, this one offers excellent well-designed controls. Learning to control your character won’t take long if you happen to be a first-time Mortal Kombat player, and there’s virtually no learning curve for those who are familiar with other MK games. However, mastering the controls and timing to fight efficiently might take a little longer than you’d expect.


MK vs. DC Universe is a solid entry in the MK series, but it may not be up your alley if you don’t want to spend hours practicing your skills and learning to execute moves with proper precision. This is something veteran MK players are bound to enjoy, but they may find that the lack of gory details diminishes the playing experience. All in all, MK vs. DC Universe is a good game that may have been unable to pinpoint its niche and cater to their preferences but is still worth checking out.


  • A fun mix of characters
  • Advanced fighting mechanics
  • Compelling story modes


  • Not much content to explore
  • Mastering the controls is tough and requires you to invest some time into the game
Replay Value

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