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Monster Legends review

Monster Legends is a great looking RPG made for everyone who wants to breed monsters and lead them to progress and victory. There are epic battles that were made for trainers to show the skills of their fighters. The game was developed by Social Point, and available for iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is free of charge with in-app purchases.

Gameplay 10/10

There are so many interesting options to choose from, you may even get lost in the game from the beginning. It was made for players with different interests. And if you want to explore the map, you can do it. You can completely focus on building your own kingdom, breeding and evolving monsters, fighting with your friends in the PvP mode.

If you feel that you want to collect all the monsters you can, there are 400 challenging tasks for you. Every week the number of monsters grows with one new creature. And if you want to receive rare monsters, don’t miss limited time events. Each quest may bring you rewards. Keep them, and you will be able to upgrade your monsters, buy new ones, or improve your kingdom. The game requires a strategy. If you want to win, you have to be careful with everything you do, including making monsters stronger in Monsters Lab before battles, adding special runes, and teaming up one species with others.

Graphics 10/10

The graphics in Monster Legends game looks rather cartoonish and really adorable. This could be weird with all these battle tournaments, but it is not. Actually, all the monsters, that had to be bloodthirsty, but instead just cute, are in their places. Everything looks surprisingly natural. Vivid colors and detailed landscapes are worth checking out. Don’t hesitate to spend some time, traveling and exploring the map. Sounds are perfectly compatible with graphics and the whole atmosphere.

Replay Value 10/10

The game is still updating. Every week developers bring you a new monster. They don’t forget to treat their players with numerous seasonal events. There is no linear storyline you have to follow. Take part in side quests, earn points, and check all 400 monsters. This game has really high replay value. Even if you win the first fight, you still want to continue. And if you feel bored to play alone, there are multiplayer duels.

Controls 10/10

The Monster Legends game was created for mobile platforms originally. Developers took into consideration specific of iOS mobile devices and made the game run smooth and fast. Mechanics is great, and you don’t have to worry about possible bugs. You can easily learn how to navigate your monsters. And if you join the game for the first time, follow tutorials. Make sure you trained your monsters well before you bring them to the arena. And don’t worry, if you don’t want to see the in-app purchases offer, you simply can turn it off. Still, make sure you are online for updates and rewards!


Monster Legends is a simple and entertaining RPG. There are numerous adventures that will be appreciated by any players. And colorful graphics look simply fabulous. Collect all the monsters and fight your friends in friendly duels. Build your own world for monsters, but make sure you have a WiFi connection on.


  • Vivid graphics
  • Over 400 monsters and number is growing
  • Various challenges
  • Different modes, including multiplayer
  • Free of charge game


  • The game requires strong Internet connection
  • Controls can be challenging from the first time
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