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Microsoft Edge review

Microsoft Edge is a browser that’s good and safe for any device with unique features. Enjoy your browsing with different search engines, News Guard, private browsing,... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners.

Microsoft Edge review

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Emily Irish

Microsoft Edge review

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Microsoft Edge is a browser that’s good and safe for any device with unique features. Enjoy your browsing with different search engines, News Guard, private browsing, and content blockers. It has a built-in translation feature, dark theme for browsing at night and reading list for your favourite books.

Interface 9/10

Finally, the app has a dark theme to choose from. Very gentle to the eyes at night because most of us often browse the net after bedtime. The homepage by default is with Microsoft logo on the top so we wouldn’t forget it, below that there’s a search window with photo, barcode, and audio search available, which is pretty awesome. Lower than that there’s endless Newsline. On the top right you have your favourite tabs, reading list, history and downloads. On the bottom right there are settings and send feedback feature along with others. Your login to Microsoft icon is also always at the bottom of the screen. In general, very comfortable to use interface.

Menu and Features 10/10

There are features on Microsoft Edge that every respected browser must have. For example, setting the homepage, choosing a search engine, reading view, etc. Also, you can set this browser as default, and it reminds you about it quite often. You can set that the Edge opens where you left off.

Microsoft Edge's thing is news. The only alerts you can set here are news alerts, and it has even news ratings. News Guard - is a unique MS Edge's feature which is available only to the U.S.A. It’s when specially trained journalists asses the news and check if they're fake. Pretty cool, right? It also has a built-in Adblock Plus which is always nice too.

Usability 10/10

Once you start using Edge, it asks you to log in to Microsoft account, and there's a login icon on the bottom of the main screen. That's pretty annoying and makes you think that this browser is for MS users only. And it's not clear how logging to your MS account will give you more joy from using it. Edge still saves your favorite tabs, your passwords, and history when you're not logged in.

Any Glitches? 10/10

No glitches! None! Nada! Great performance with a high speed of pages opening. Microsoft did a good job on that. Even more than that - sometimes only Edge opens websites that other browsers can’t and is safer to use just like on PC. It's just less cool and less hyped about.

Devices Compatibility

MS Edge is compatible with any device, it’s its ‘thing’. Works well on any Android version and on any phone. Doesn’t overwhelm the CPU and doesn’t prevent other apps from working properly on your device. And there’s no difference whether you use it on Apple or Android.

Is it Any Good?

Before I used it, I didn't think I’d like it so much. So my low expectations were more than met, and now it's my default browser. MS Edge is nice, light, both in space taking and in easiness to use, well-performing browser with a lot of features that you need for a browser and it has nothing redundant.


  • Works very well in general, opens the tabs fast
  • Nice interface with night theme available
  • Built-in Adblock and other unique and useful features


  • Always asks to log in to MS account. Annoying
  • Could be more options on the reading list like changing fonts or a background
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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