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Lapse: A Forgotten Future review

Lapse: A Forgotten Future is an unusual, choice-based and Tinder-inspired sci-fi RPG. In the year 2075, you are the leader of a country. Soon you will know that life is made of time and choices, and your deck can hold anything. Download Lapse: A Forgotten Future and give yourself a try on a throne!

Graphics 5/10

Though the game is considered a minimalist one, it’s drawn with a certain sense of style. But Lapse is not about visuals: your brain draws the picture from brief texts you read on the cards. The writing is quite good, and the balance is elaborate, hard to keep alive – but possible. The key parameters are always seen, though, and this matters.

Gameplay 10/10

The idea of the game is simple. In 2075, you happen to be the president of one of the post-nuclear countries (its name not specified). You need to keep people satisfied, the army prepared, science strong, and pockets full. But the balance is very fragile, and you risk it with your very decision.

With each card, someone points you out a problem. The scientists may have found a new GMO effect. The capital is boiling riots, and the streets need police. Diplomacy requires new embassies to set relations and prevent wars. A new cook is suspicious. A general wants to refill his wine collection. What to satisfy, what to ignore? Swipe right if you agree with the request; swipe left if you don’t. Keep the balance: if you hold to extremes, foreign governments will buy your head cheap.

One cannot foresee the results of any action, survive mortal traps, or exploit luck consciously. But there are bonuses like Oracle, Extra Heart, or Four-leaf Clover. To up your chances with these, though, you’ll have to pay with real money.

Replay Value 9/10

Choice-based games require a good narrative to be replayable, so each twist, each turn makes you want to see all the other options and outcomes. Lapse is a good story. While in the beginning, you will constantly make mistakes, later you’ll start feeling how this or that decision affects the state in any of the aspects above. The more you work over these conclusions, the better you will do the next time.

Controls 8/10

It’s all about swipes. If the request should be satisfied, swipe right. If you feel like ignoring it, swipe left. This Tinder-like manner may seem boring, but, as you consider your decisions and look at the indicators above, this is really immersive. 


Simplicity rules the world. There are just four parameters, and almost no visuals to get you stunned. Lapse, nevertheless, delivers the sort of thrill that many elaborate games with rich pictures and detailed dialogs don’t even get close to. If you’re not only in for expressive and expensive visuals, it may be an interesting experience for you to install Lapse: A Forgotten Future.


  • Simple Tinder-like mechanics
  • Well-thought balance
  • Runs on absolutely most Android and iOS devices
  • The narrative includes everything, from futuristic sci-fi to ancient legends


  • Lacks any sort of visual action
  • May seem too hard for beginners
Replay Value

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