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ISS Detector Pro review

ISS Detector Pro is the best app for everyone who is fascinated with astronomy. You may not only look into the night sky, watch the Starlink satellite train, but track the International Space Station. There are numerous satellites you can get connected to, and numerous objects like Hubble, that you can check out.  The app was created by RunaR as an educational and was highly praised by the audience. It is available for Android devices. Keep reading this ISS Detector Pro review to know more about its features.

Interface 9/10

Graphics of ISS Detector Pro is made in black and white colors. It is well-organized and you will easily learn how to navigate it. All the buttons and tools you may need are placed one tap away from you. And while the navigation of ISS Detector Pro is incredibly simple and understandable, the graphics look a little bit plain as well.

Menu and Features 10/10

ISS Detector Pro is mainly and ISS tracker. Meanwhile, the app does contain incredible features that make it one of the best similar apps. Check out your options:

  • Free ISS detector in real-time. The app does not contain ads and does not ask you for anything except your coordinates to show you the distance from you to the space objects;
  • ISS Detector Pro tracks weather and ham satellites and shows it on your screen. You can also check out Doppler shift numbers and transmitter frequencies;
  • You will be notified about the accommodation of Tiangong, Fitsat, X-37B, and Hubble if you want. Some of them will be visible to you;
  • When the planet or comet is passing near the earth, this app may send you a push notification and show it in the real-time, so you can watch everything closer;
  • This app notifies you when you can take a closer look at Iridium flares of ISS. It sends you notifications a few minutes before so you can prepare. It also gives you recommendations whether the night sky is clear enough for you to stare on it and see satellites;
  • There is social media compatibility. You may share everything you saw with your friends and subscribers.

Usability 10/10

ISS Detector Pro does not have an expiration date. You don’t have to delete the app right after you found ISS or other planets. There are numerous features you may check out, and never-ending possibilities in constantly changing night sky. You can always share your experience with others via Facebook or Instagram.

Any Glitches? 10/10

It is greatly organized and has intuitive controls so users could concentrate on ISS watching and tracking. Main attractions are colored differently, and you will easily find them in the list. There are coordinates and degrees, and the time when it will be visible to you. The menu is hidden in the top-right corner. Pick one of the objects and you will be able to use radar to see its current location on the sky. There is a compass that will help you to visualize the coordinates. Tap the Details section to see the magnitude, duration, start and end time, latitude, longitude, and height.

Device’s Compatibility

ISS Detector Pro will neatly fit any screen on any platform, so if you have one your smartphone, don’t forget to get a tablet version as well.


ISS Detector Pro is a well-developed app that was made for astronomy lovers. You can track planets, satellites, and famous objects. The controls are intuitive and simple.


  • Easy to navigate
  • ISS tracker
  • Free of charge


  • Simple design
  • Requires an Internet connection
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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