Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

The Hello Neighbor is a spooky survival game in the best traditions of horror movies. Find out horrible secrets of your neighbor by sneaking into his creepy house. Your main goal is not to get caught. The game is free and available for iOS system devices.

Gameplay - 9/10

Many of us can name at least one or two neighbors who lived next to us when we were kids and behaved highly suspicious. They did not talk to anyone and always hurried to close the door. Now you have a chance to find out all the secrets hidden behind the door.

You are a child again that constantly notices weird things about your neighbor. You need to break through the window and go to the basement of your neighbor’s house. Beware! Now you are playing against AI, which remembers and analyzes all your moves to make your quest so much harder. You may feel that the neighbor is always one step ahead of you, creating traps.

While your main goal is to escape all of the traps, to not get caught and find out secrets, you will have to solve puzzles as well. And some of these puzzles are really hard to understand. You will have to think outside the box.

Graphics - 7/10

The graphics in Hello Neighbor are vivid and nice. At least, you may think so until you check Switch version. Developers of the game cut many corners to squeeze it into mobile format. The quality of graphics is significantly lower than in Xbox or PS4 variants. Let’s hope there will be upcoming upgrades to the graphics’ quality in the nearest future.

Replay Value - 9/10

This game is hard to go through. Your enemy looks smarter than you. After some time you begin to feel that he is in your head right now and know your next steps. So, it is very possible that you will have to start again and again. Some of these tasks may seem impossible to complete. The game is mainly intuitive, so you have to find out the right way by trying all your options.

Controls - 8/10

Originally the game was made for PC. And when developers brought it to mobile, they had to improve controls. At least, that is what we all expected. And they did. They put an extra rotation of the player, and make it possible to set widget everywhere you press. This helps sometimes, but not when you are in dangerous situations and movement’s widget repositions unexpectedly.


It is always interesting to explore a game that has a secret and puzzle inside. The Hello Neighbor is one of such games. It is like you can catch missed opportunity from your childhood and find out what is hidden in your neighbor’s basement. Make sure your creepy neighbor is not standing behind you while you are getting close to the answer


  • Interesting idea of the plot Intense feelings of danger Puzzles to solve


  • Almost no guidance as the game is more intuitive Poor controls
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