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Grand Theft Auto V review

The Grand Theft Auto V is an action story of three not really likable characters: former bank robber, street hustler, and just one random psychopath, who want to try their luck in corrupted city of Los Santos. They find themselves entangled with criminals, representatives of the Entertainment industry and the US officials. There is no one to trust except yourself. Now the main goal is to survive.

Gameplay - 9/10

This is a first-person simulator. Choose one from three available characters to play. Be sure you made the right choice, as each of them has its own weird habits and intentions. Franklin is a real gangster, Michael a con-man who served the sentence in prison, and Trevor is a psycho. So, if you want to be the most dangerous guy in the city, pick Trevor.

There are no pleasant characters in the game. The city is stuffed with former soap opera divas and frauds. So, there is no remorse once you kill them. The city itself reminded of Los Angeles. There are some districts you may recognize. The map of the city ends with desert and mountains. Still, you have plenty of fun things to do, so you unlikely will want to leave the city. The map is big, and you will not get bored exploring it.

Your main goal is to survive and become rich and powerful on the way. Kill, rob and invest your money into property. Be careful, as there is always someone after you.

Graphics - 10/10

Graphics are weirdly realistic with all this atmosphere of a rotting city that once was on the edge of glory. Developers paid attention to every small detail. The picture was made to show the reality of the criminal world, but with all its speed, crazy races, action, it is kind of fascinating.

Replay Value - 10/10

GTA offers you replayable quests and the open doors to change your decisions. Once the game is over, try the new unpredictable approach, pick another character. This game is constantly improving and evolving. You may want to hang there for a while, explore the world, find out everything about your character and others.

Controls - 9/10

The controller is obviously easier in its use than the phone. Still, you need to learn how to navigate the game as quickly as you can. There are a lot of crazy speed races. The gameplay is fast, and you don’t want to miss anything about it. Once you have learned basics, you may find all the benefits of your device. There is a tutorial you may want to check. If you are already familiar with GTA Universe, it must not be really hard for you.


The game has lots to offer to players. There are a multiple number of quests you can join, various scenarios for each character, and the plot is extremely detailed. Feel the atmosphere of Los Santos by exploring your own opportunities in this city. Find out how far can your moral boundaries can be stretched.


  • Wisely created plot
  • Amazingly realistic picture
  • Various missions


  • There are no true heroes
  • It takes all your free time
Replay Value

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