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Gachaverse (RPG & Anime Dress Up) review

Gachaverse is an RPG developer by Lumine studio, with its battle mode still in progress. Player transforms in Gacha Summoner who has to save the Universe of Gacha from the corrupted king. For now, you can create your character, choose a house, decorate everything there, and wait for the main battle to come.

Gameplay - 8/10

All the options that we can see inside the gameplay sound really promising, but yet unavailable for now. There is a well-thought story in the background. Gacha King, the great hero of this world was corrupted. And you were called to save the whole kingdom from the great evil, restore justice, help people of these lands. You have cool Gacha Sward and a good-looking cute creature with wings of a butterfly, named Vii who will be your guide.

Vii will tell you the sad story of the kingdom, and explain the main rules, in a dialogue style on your screen. Your main goal is to come through all the challenges and kill the main boss. As there are no more details about battle mode, all you can do is show your talents, by creating Summoner, choosing face shape, hair, body, clothes, weapons, hats. You will be able to create a story behind the hero, producing outstanding personality, relations, current occupation, and even pets.

Developers promise to create raid, training, arena, survival, tower, challenge and event modes. Players will be able to use different types of currency, like stars, gold or gems. For now, you can pay with bundles. There will be an option to transfer real-world money into gems, so you can buy weapon, skills, new look. For now, use Skit Market mode to write down your story, share it with other gamers on the forum.

Graphics - 10/10

This is a gem among other anime like games. All characters look so gorgeous that it is hard to concentrate on the game and not to stare on this beauty. Perhaps, this is the secret of the popularity of the game even with a single mode available. For some, it may look too kawaii, but anyway, this is a dream come true for those who love the cute style.

Replay Value - 7/10

Since there is only one mode for now when all you have to do is pick the style of the character, this is the game could be much more interesting to play. Once you are done with the character and its story, you may feel a little bit bored. If everything developers promise they implement in the game, it will be truly great.

Controls - 9/10

Controls are really not hard at all. Probably, you played similar games thousands of times. Once it is on your phone, you will need to get used to tapping while choosing clothes and wigs for your characters. There will be a lot of options offered, and basically, all you’ll have to do is choose between them. Tap options and see what the game offers.


Gachaverse is a nice-looking anime-styled RPG. Its main attractions are yet to come, but you can start playing the game right now by creating your character. Write a story of the hero and share it with others.


  • Amazing graphics
  • A lot of options for creating the character
  • Believable story


  • There is just one mode for now
  • The game still in progress
Replay Value

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