FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor

Keep your automobile on track by analyzing and repairing even the minutest faults on time. FIXD is a monitoring app that connects with your automobile...

FIXD - Vehicle Health Monitor review

19 Jan 2018

Keep your automobile on track by analyzing and repairing even the minutest faults on time. FIXD is a monitoring app that connects with your automobile heartbeat, and constantly analyzes all the aspects with precision. Whether its wheel alignment or engine oil replacement, you will get instant notifications without any delay. 

Plug the FIXD sensor in the OBD-II port of the car. The sensor will connect to the FIXD app installed on your Android smartphone via Bluetooth. The sensor will impart all the required information on the app at regular intervals. 

The condition of the car will be updated on the screen. You can scan the details by clicking on the icons. The Timeline feature maps the distance covered by the vehicle, thus, intimidating repair and maintenance tasks at scheduled intervals. This is crucial to avoid any major damage to the car. 

Interface – 9/10

FIXD app interface is intuitive enough to decipher the readings accrued by the sensor, and display it in an organized manner on the screen. You can toggle between various categories like Condition, Timeline, Wear Items, Logbook, and so on. 

The interface of the app is devoid of any distractions. The grave situations are indicated by red color while manageable situations are indicated by yellow color. The interface responds well when you plan to enter information such as adding new log in the Logbook. 

Menu and Features – 9/10

As mentioned earlier, the menu is well-organized. You can access all the menu tabs on the top of the interface. As the app features multi-vehicle support, you can link multiple cars on a single app. The Condition section will display all information related to the cars. You just need to identify a particular car to fine tune details.  

As we often forget about the services, the Timeline feature serves the purpose. It will intimidate about the timely maintenance works that should be considered. Further, you can also visit the shop for purchasing automobile parts and related items. 

Usability – 9/10 

Instead of going to repair shop and paying the mechanic to analyze the car parameters, you can do it yourself by installing FIXD sensor and app. This saves a considerable amount of time. If you are making a long trip with your friends or family, you can rely on FIXD app. Your trips and journeys will never be ruined if you have FIXD system by your side. 

Any glitches? – 8/10 

The app performs exceptionally well. The sensor is capable of analyzing car’s details with utmost perfection. However, if the sensor’s functioning is obstructed, it might result in inappropriate readings. Obsolete Android version or redundant technical configuration may result in poor functioning.  

Devices Compatibility 

If your Android version is lower than 4.1, it might not work smoothly. Also, the sensor works with cars manufactured in 1996 and later years.  

Is it any good? 

If you are adamant about saving money and time, we highly recommend installing FIXD app on your Android smartphone. The timely services will keep your automobile in top-notch condition. The multi-vehicle support assists you in tracking all the cars in your home on a single interface. You can keep a track of the expenditures incurred in the Logbook, thus, assisting you in financial planning.

Amy Morton Editor

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