ElectroDroid Pro
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ElectroDroid Pro review

ElectroDroid Pro is the app that collected powerful and useful electronic tools and references in one place. It was developed by IODEMA Srl, the company that has already known by their previous apps for electronics, such as PartSeeker, ATmicro Database, and PICmicro Database. ElectroDroid Pro is only available to download on Android devices. Also, note that it is not a free-to-download app, the price is about $3. 

Interface 8/10

ElectroDroid Pro has a very simple and old-fashioned interface. When we first entered the app, we had the feeling that it was developed back in the 90s. The main menu is at the top of the screen and is highlighted in neon green. You can switch between them by swiping the screen. Subcategories are on the main screen of each category. This is just a list that is separated by barely noticeable gray lines. The app has no music and sound effects.

Menu and Features 8/10

There are two versions of the application: ElectroDroid and ElectroDroid Pro. The differences are that the Pro version does not have ads, and there are more powerful features. If you open the official page of the app on Google Play, then you will immediately notice a long list of features that ElectroDroid Pro has. But before we start listing them, we want to say that the application still supports various plugins that you can download to expand the functionality of ElectroDroid Pro, such as PIC and AVR micro-controllers Database, simulators, parts search. 

So, ElectroDroid Pro supports the following features:

  • Various code decoders: resistor color, inductor color, and so on;
  • SMD Resistor Code;
  • Calculators: Ohm’s law, Reactance/Resonance, Battery Charging, Power, Simple Filters, PCB Trace Width, Voltage Drop, and a lot of others;
  • Voltage divider; 
  • Converters:  RMS, Decibel, Frequency, Analog-Digital, Range, etc.;
  •  Y-Δ Transformation; 
  • Operational amplifier; 
  • LED resistor calculator with the customizable database, etc. 

Of course, we have listed only the most frequently used and most basic features of the app. In fact, there are many more. You can find the full list on the official page of ElectroDroid Pro on Google Play or on the developer’s website.

Usability 6/10

Since the app has many different features, and the information is not structured in the best way, we cannot say that usability is at a high level. Sometimes, you have to spend a few minutes to find what you need. This is especially true for beginners.

Any Glitches? 9/10

Although, during the review, we did not find any bugs and glitches, we still have some doubts about the reliability of the application. First of all, this is because the last update was released last year.

Device’s Compatibility 7/10

As we mentioned several times above, ElectroDroid Pro is only available on Android devices. You can download it on Google Play. The current price is about $3. 


ElectroDroid Pro is a great app where you can find all electronic tools. However, we believe that it would be appropriate to improve the interface and release versions of the app for other platforms.


  • A lot of features
  • Small size
  • A high rating on Google Play.


  • Not user-friendly interface
  • Available on Android only.
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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