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ComiCat (Comic Reader/Viewer) review

Meanlabs Software brings to you ComiCat, a handy application for reading comics. This paid app arranges all your comics in a virtual bookshelf. With one click, your comics are scanned and organized, no matter where they are stored in the SD card, downloads folder, cloud or anywhere else, soon after the installation.

This app works on smartphones and tablets having Android and is super stable. It works fast without draining the battery too much. ComiCat gives lifelong free software updates with usability improvements and new features.

Comic lovers can enjoy hours of hassle-free reading by using this app. All the books are arranged neatly on the virtual bookshelf, giving easy access to the users to read their favorite comics on the go. The tools built into the app help you manage your entire comic collection. It supports all the comic formats.

Interface – 8/10 

The interface of ComiCat gives the users a look and feel of browsing through a well-stocked bookshelf. Using the thumbnail view, the users can sort and search through their stored comics. Though the interface is not very attractive, it is a handy app for all comic lovers.

This app can be rated an 8+ for the look and user-friendly interface. Just with one click of a button, all your comics (no matter where they are stored in the SD card, cloud, downloads, etc.) are all scanned and stored as a virtual bookshelf. 

Menu and Features – 9/10 

Clicking on the menu offers a thumbnail view to the users for easy searching and selecting. ComiCat is optimized to work beautifully on an Android device which rates it a 9 out of 10. ComiCat comes loaded with features:

  • ComiCat supports all popular formats that comics are available in, and a high-quality PDF support that is built-into the app does not require a plugin;
  • It can automatically scan and organize your comic collection in a matter of seconds with multiple cataloguing and sorting options;
  • It organizes a virtual bookshelf with password protection, multiple themes, reading list management and parental control;
  • The bookmark and sync option makes it even more amazing;
  • You can even zoom and lock the position of the page.

Usability – 9.8/10 

It is a highly usable app for comic lovers. Gestures can be used for navigation. Its multiple catalogue views, themes, and virtual bookshelf makes it a convenient app for comic lovers as they have their collection at their fingertips. This app can be rated a 9.8 for its usability.

This app comes with a lifelong free update and is a very stable app which boasts no battery drain. It also supports all popular comic formats, making it a very usable app.

Any Glitches? – 9.8/10 

ComiCat performs very steadily with no battery drain which rates it a 9.8 on performance. The only area that it seems to lag in a bit is with the zoom option, and it does not organize different issues of series comics. The high-quality in-built PDF support does not require a plugin.

Device’s Compatibility

This app works only on Android 4.0 and up. ComiCat works on both smartphones and tablets, which makes it a favorite app amidst comic lovers. 

Is It Any Good?

ComiCat is a highly customizable and feature-packed app, making it a delight for comic lovers. It reads all popular formats in which comics are available, and the high-quality in-built PDF support does not require a plugin.

ComiCat performs very steadily with no battery drain which makes it a handy app to have when on the move. A 24/7 Customer Support ensures that the app users have an undisturbed reading experience.


  • Virtual bookshelf
  • Automatically scans and organizes your comics
  • Lifelong free updates
  • Fast and stable with no battery drain


  • Occasionally lags while zooming
  • Does not organize a series of issue comics

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