Calibre Companion

Calibre Companion is an app package that consists of three applications. First one is the super device-based calibre library organizer. Once you put books on...

Calibre Companion review

11 Mar 2018

Calibre Companion is an app package that consists of three applications. First one is the super device-based calibre library organizer. Once you put books on your smart device, this app lets you view the metadata of the book, i.e. its author, tags, series, etc., sort and group books, mark the books read, and launch your book reader app to read any of your books.

Wi-Fi-based calibre device emulator is the second main functionality of the app. One can use it to move the books to and from your device. This functionality helps in updating all the metadata of your books.

Lastly, the app is also a calibre content server and cloud provider. Leverage this functionality to browse your library, look for new books, and download them to your device. OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, etc. are some of the supported cloud services.

Interface 6/10

Though the app is super powerful, the interface of the app looks a bit clumsy owing to the presence of so many functionalities. There are plenty of essential features that have been concealed into the top left corner of the app. However, the sort functionality, connect feature, and other essential options rest on the top of the app, thereby, making the interface of the app cluttered.

Menu and Features 8/10

There is a slew of features that have been integrated into the app. All of them make the app a preferred choice for many book lovers. It helps you organize your library based on authors, tags, etc. The app also has a Wi-Fi multicast reception feature. It helps you find calibre without requiring you to enter any IP address. The app now comes with the Cloud support. Thus, you can calibre the libraries from various cloud services to your device or SD card.

Usability 7/10

Calibre Companion is one of the most popular e-book organizers used by a plethora of avid readers around the world. They use the app to organize their collection of e-books effortlessly. Further, the app is used by them to send and receive e-books over Wi-Fi. The app also comes handy to calibre the e-books from various Cloud platforms.

Any Glitches? 7/10

Though the app works great most of the times, users have claimed a couple of bugs in the app. These bugs are related to the establishing a connection with Calibre. Even when the content server is active, the app cannot find the Calibre server to connect.

Devices Compatibility

The app has been made compatible and responsive so that it could work on all the devices that are supported by Android and iOS.

Is it Any Good?

With this one app on your device, you need not have to download any other software for your e-books organization. Calibre Companion comes with some of the most powerful features and functionalities that help you in dealing with your e-books seamlessly. Whether you want to categorize your collection based on different parameters or send and receive e-books over your Wi-Fi connection, you can undertake it all with the help of this app.

  • Interface 6
  • Menu and Features 8
  • Usability 7
  • Any glitches? 7
Amy Morton Editor

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