Warframe Starter Guide for 2019

For freshmen, starting Warframe this year will unlikely be an easy sail.

The brilliant free-to-play shooter-looter game, however, has its own complexities — pretty much like a complicated sci-fi movie where you’re the lead character and get to co-op with a few mates to help you win levels.

To make things a whole lot easier, we've assembled an extensive, 6-section guide for starters which includes every detail of Warframe you have to know to end up lashing out on your rivalries.

WARFRAMES: Abilities and Weapons

WARFRAMES game screenshot

The 2019 theme covers a storyline of a character named Tenno. In the tutorial quest — Vor’s prize, Tenno is a warrior who is quickly awakened from a long cryosleep and suddenly tossed into war with the enemy — Grineer.

Eventually, he is lucky enough to escape the enemy’s grip with the help of the benevolent Lotus. Then comes another challenge — an ancient empire has crumbled, the parts of it are now at war, and you’re the powerful card put in the middle of it, a Warframe. You must choose between 3 Warframes to finish Tenno’s mission to restore peace to the empire by slaying the masterminds.

VOR’S PRIZE: Choosing Your First Warframe

Warframe game screenshot

Warframes are like superheroes because they have some special abilities. Each Warframe has 4 unique moves which decide the strength or weakness of that specific character.


Excalibur is the mascot of the game and the most famous choice for most players. He's equally the most recommended for beginners since he's both noobs friendly and has a ton of exciting moves. Here are some of them:

  • Slash dash: Dash towards an enemy and slay with the exalted blade.

  • Radial blind: Blind enemies with your sword.

  • Radial javelin: Shoot javelin within a close range.

  • Exalted blade: Summon your blade.


If you appreciate a quick paced game style, then Volt is the starter Warframe for you. He is one of the swiftest Warframes in the game because of his "Speed" capacity. Volt likewise approaches magnificent AoE capacities for the early-game:

  • Shock: Release a burst of electricity to chain up to 5 enemies.

  • Speed: Increases Volts’ speed and melee attack.

  • Electric field: Summon an electric shield to block off the attack.

  • Discharge: Launch an electric attack against foes.


Mag is the least picked starter Warframe for a couple of reasons. The most significant is that her moves require more experience to use effectively, so newbies rarely choose her. The character mode also needs more updates. Mag special forces include:

  • Pull: Pull in adversaries using a magnetic force.

  • Magnetize: Attract enemies and bullets to polarize them.

  • Polarize: Unleash magnetic energy to destroy attackers’ weapons.

  • Crush: Magnetize and lift the bones of your enemies.

VOR’S PRIZE: Choosing your first weapon

Warframe game screenshot

As you advance through your first mission, you'll be given weapons to choose from — Primary, Secondary and melee weapons. Choosing a weapon is not as important as picking your first Warframe because you’d be able to buy more weapons as you play on.

Melee weapon

Your first pick is between the Skana and MK1-Bo. The Skana is the more adjusted weapon because it has decent damage, range and assault speed. The Bo, on the other hand, has longer range and more damage, but it’s much slower.

Secondary weapon

Your second pick is between the Lato and MK1-Kunai. The Lato is the more adjusted between the two, sporting average damage, fire-speed and range abilities. The MK1-Kunai is a silent weapon and great for stealth, but it seems like aiming with it is difficult since it is a projectile.

Primary weapon

Your last weapon selection is between the MK1-Braton and the MK1-Paris. The MK1-Braton is the more stable of the two. The MK1-Paris is far less powerful against groups than the MK1-Braton, particularly in the early game, however, it has heavier damage. It can also work for a shooting spree against your enemies, enabling you to possibly arrange some overwhelming blows.


Warframe game screenshot

As you have now scaled through your first mission, you'll be acquainted with the nuts and bolts of the game as far as looting, resources and movement. But it’s not where it ends.

From now, you’ll take on different conquests. The key to unlocking subsequent stages and weapons for your Warframe will be completing each mission alive.

As you go through the beginner’s experience, tag your friends along — whether they're online or there with you, and while you are all at it, we will look forward to continuing to dig out the secrets of Warframe.