Updated Marathon Trilogy Is Coming to iOS

Conservative Mac players and passionate Halo enthusiasts are probably aware of the Marathon game series. If you’re not, we’ll share a concise overview. Marathon was created and rolled out by Bungie in the nineties uniquely for the Mac. In some way, it was their reaction to the personal computer-friendly Dooms and Wolfensteins demand that skyrocketed back then. While Dooms-alike videogame adventures were gore-filled and fast-paced, Marathon was based on a rich storyline, with a multitude of thought-provoking challenges and fascinating twists.

Marathon on iPAd & iOS: The Road to Success

Marathon was a massive success, so it has been followed by 2 sequels. The Marathon series made Bungie one of the world’s most acknowledged game studios. Also, it had a significant influence on their development of Halo: Combat Evolved a few years after Marathon. It’s interesting that both Halo and Marathon are subtly interwoven in terms of a few game details, the general atmosphere of the adventures and the overall feeling that the players get during gameplay.

In 2000, Bungie was acquired by Microsoft, with the latter taking control of their game development and launching the Xbox, a shiny and innovative console which represented the unique playground for Halo: Combat Evolved fans. However, their Marathon trilogy continued growing in popularity and eventually acquired a cult classic reputation. What is more, these games are pretty awesome even in 2019. 

Marathon game screenshot

In 2010, following the rollout of the initial iPad, programmer Daniel Blezek made an attempt to move the pioneering Marathon to the iPad. The passionate software expert undertook the endeavor under his own steam as a supplementary enterprise (technically, a hobby) to his official job and family (and with five kids at home it’s no joke!). In 2011, he revealed his plans to the gaming community making a multitude of Marathon mavens feel exhilarated. Then, a sudden deafening silence from the developer has followed. Many gaming experts had doubts as to whether a port of a commercialized game like Marathon would even manage to officially launch via App Store utilizing an open source code. Despite these obstacles, in 2011 the first Marathon launched on iPad. And it was free of charge.

Following the triumph of the first Marathon on iPad, a quality iOS version of Marathon 2 was unwrapped in 2011. In 2012, Marathon Infinity found its path to iOS to crown the series as well. The games worked brilliantly on mobile. Both long-term Marathon connoisseurs and newbies got the chance to make the most of the breathtaking first-person shooter escapades. In 2013, however, all three Marathon games started to grow archaic. Doom and Wolfenstein 3D followed the same sad path and eventually ended up being totally impossible to enjoy.

A silver lining to the whole thing has recently shone through, though! A few months ago the Marathon trilogy was granted surprising updates for the most recent versions of iOS and the latest display sizes. So far, it’s too soon to say who has taken control of the maintenance of the Marathon game series on iOS. At any rate, the news sounds awesome, because the support for the games seems to be ongoing. Regular game enhancements have been released since January 2019. In March, for instance, a few excitingly new features became available to players: gyroscope aiming, plus 3D touch to fire.

Marathon Trilogy in 2019: Cutting to the Chase

To crown it all, the recently revamped Marathon trilogy is still available for download free of charge. As of today, everyone, including the all-time Marathon enthusiasts, Marathon mavens from 2011, and absolute neophytes to the series are absolutely free to load the Marathon trilogy on iOS and plunge into a creme de la creme 1st-person shooting adventure. And don’t forget to get back to AppGodzilla once in a while to always have a clear idea of what’s coming in the world of online gaming.