Minecraft Movie: Building Heaven out of Production Hell

While the gaming industry and cinema are now rivals within the entertainment industry, they still share ideas actively. We can observe a noticeable asymmetry: while movie characters and settings are rarely gamified, game characters and settings are readily accepted by movie producers. When we speak about Minecraft with no prominent protagonist, it’s the setting that’s to migrate into a movie that now seems more probable to make it through production hell.

Firstly, the studio seems to have found the director for the movie. The name is Peter Sollett, and we only know him by several titles, like Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Raising Victor Vargas, and Freeheld. It shows that all these movies are dramas or comedies, focused on human characters. Maybe it takes someone other to make the best out of Minecraft. But it may as well mean that the producers have built the narrative to follow, and it should be something really involving.

Minecraft game screenshot

What we know about the plot so far is that the central character is a teenage girl and some followers on a mission to save their blocky world from Ender Dragon, the inhuman villain. Let’s hope that the real story will be more original than that, as it describes most fairytales. Aaron and Adam Nee are now responsible for its realization as a script.

Chances are the plot is established, and the new director will apply his specific skills the right way. So far it’s been five years since Mojang, and Warner Brothers try to fit the story into a movie, and it must have taken lots of inspirations and hopes to keep the idea from dying in production. Let’s hope they release it while Minecraft is still a thing.