Top Mobile Games of Spring 2019

Finding a true gem among the hundreds of games available on your mobile store can be really challenging. Such a great quantity of new mobile games are added to their catalogues on a monthly basis, that missing the worthiest ones is just too easy. We’ve got your back, though. Our team of mobile gambling pros have come up with a handy list of the best mobile games of spring 2019. Choose the one you like best and get your gaming experience on the go!

Block Droppin’ Blitz for iOS 

Block Droppin' Blitz game screenshot

There are times when you come across a puzzle game that is totally disappointing. Other times, you find a puzzle game that works its way to your mobile screen and becomes your go-to destination to relax and recharge your batteries to. If you’re looking for this type of game, Block Droppin' Blitz is just the ticket. In fact, that’s kind of two games. Your mobile screen is divided in two - the top part contains colored blocks, the bottom part is a clear space. 

Your task is to match a bunch of blocks of the same hue, and wait for them to drop down to the bottom screen section. Your ultimate goal is making horizontal rows, just like in Tetris, to empty the lower lines of bricks. Block Droppin' Blitz is the newest, speediest and most awesome online puzzle game to stimulate your brain and enhance your reactions.

Photographs for iOS, Android and PC

Photographs game screenshot

Photographs is an exciting and extraordinary selection of 5 allegory-fueled stories about accidental coincidences. It focuses on the certain drives that motivate people to take matters into their own hands and act. It makes you ponder over your good intentions that often pave the road to hell. These amazing topics are beautifully interwoven into the narrative of the game as you switch between fun, sometimes difficult and thought-provoking mini-games and taking pictures of the characters and locales. Photographs is the game that represents an emotive balance between gameplay and story.

Card Crusade for iOS and Android

Card Crusade game screenshot

If you like to play a great roguelike, Card Crusade will absolutely capture your attention. Genre-wise, roguelike games typically take you to a randomly created dungeon where you have to battle your way through to the very end. Mobile game fans who have already tried the Card Crusade game say that it’s almost exactly what one expects from a cool deck building mobile-adapted roguelike. Gamers fancy the characters, the enemies, the looting, the monsters, and the battles - everything about Card Crusade is top notch. 

Weather Farmer for iOS

Weather Farmer game screenshot

Some people love incremental games, others hate them. If you’re among the former, you’re welcome to make the most of the Weather Farmer mobile game. The game tracks down your real-time weather to create a forecast and power the in-game mechanisms. The developers were aimed at creating a relaxing and exciting incremental game but also at making it useful by connecting it to the player’s real world.

Cultist Simulator for iOS, Android and PC

Cultist Simulator game screenshot

Cultist Simulator is a roguelike narrative card game of apocalypse created by Alexis Kennedy, the developer of Sunless Sea and Fallen London. In this game, you can become a scientist who has mastered the unbelievable skills. You will create tools and call for spirits. You will salvage the innocent and reinvent yourself as the greatest mastermind of the new era. What you will discover in Cultist Simulator may change you forever. Every decision you make, from level to level, doesn’t just lead you through the game - it also shapes your unique gaming style.


Which mobile games from our list sound most appealing to you? What types of mobile games do you prefer in general? Do you play mobile games on iPhone or on your Android device? Share your opinion with us in the comment field below and bookmark our website to come back for more updates from our online gaming insiders on some of the best mobile games of summer 2019. AppGodzilla is your go-to place to put your finger on the pulse of what’s new and fun on the online gaming scene.