Top 6 Video Editing Apps to Install on Your Android Now

All modern smartphones and tablets can shoot videos and take photos that can be published on different social networks. If you want to impress your friends with unique content, you will need to have a good video editor on your Android device, which will allow you to combine a few videos into one, and add your own pictures and music to it. Below is the list of the top 6 video editing apps that you can download on your device from Google Play Market.

Adobe Premiere Clip Will Add Various Effects to Your Videos

Adobe Premiere Clip is the video editor app for Android that allows you to edit any video directly on your Android device quickly. The best feature of the app is the possibility to automatically create videos – the app can automatically create a video for you using the photos and clips you choose. There are also various editing tools such as cutting, adding music, transitions, filters, effects, etc.

The app won’t annoy you with commercials. You can also share and exchange videos with others.

VivaVideo – The App with Wide Functionality

VivaVideo application screenshots

VivaVideo is a professional video editor with a bunch of possibilities for a multimedia enthusiast. There is support for Vine and Instagram, a few clips trimming modes, adding post-effects, grouping individual fragments, and much more. Optionally, you can overlay the text on top of the video or even add sound. For those who like to create funny videos, the program implements the PIP mode (picture in picture). With all its capabilities, the application practically does not load the processor of the smartphone.

The main purpose of the app is the adaptation of videos to download them on the social network and send via instant messengers. It is especially useful for those who like to often post on Instagram. For this, VivaVideo even has a special interface for the device’s camera, in which the user is offered a huge selection of effects and lenses.

The app also allows you to create high-quality collages. Unfortunately, the resolution of exported projects is also focused on social networks, so they are not suitable for viewing on the big screen.

The main features of the app include:

  • Size setting;
  • Camera calibration;
  • Adding text and stickers;
  • Blurred background;
  • Easy to use;
  • Save drafts;
  • Change playback speed;
  • Video recording in Full HD and 4K;
  • Training for beginners;
  • Cut and rotate;
  • Adjustment of brightness, saturation, and contrast;
  • Creating collages.

KineMaster – A Powerful Alternative to iMovie for Android Devices

If you do not just want to blind several videos into one, but really make your own video, then you simply have no alternatives. KineMaster is the only Android video editor that supports full-time work with time tapes. The app allows you to put together individual audio and video files, cut the fragments into parts, adjust the brightness, contrast, and color saturation, apply video filters and special effects, as well as export videos as Full HD.

There are 25 themes available in KineMaster (for example, a video can be made in the style of a television news release or a football match broadcast) and many interesting visual effects. If you managed to photograph a picturesque landscape, this photo can be embedded in a clip so that the picture slowly approaches the viewer or, on the contrary, moves away from them. You can accompany the video with your comments, using the built-in voice recorder.

The only drawback of the application is limited device support. The KineMaster features are strongly dependent not only on the Android version but also on the chipset and the size of the LCD, so in some models, the program’s capabilities may be limited.

FilmoraGo – Edit Your Videos on the Go

FilmoraGo application screenshots

FilmoraGo is a mobile version of the popular desktop program Wondershare Filmora. Due to this, FilmoraGo has a similar interface and is distinguished by high stability in terms of operation. The application has all the necessary capabilities to create high-quality projects – cutting and putting segments together, applying effects, supporting many formats, etc.

There are high-quality templates and very convenient tools for creating collages. Moreover, with their preparation, you can simultaneously use video clips and images, as well as attach the original text. Unlike most of the other similar apps, all the functionality of this editor is available for free, and no watermark is added to the finished works.

PowerDirector – A Great Tool to Edit Videos on the Phone

PowerDirector is, without exaggeration, a professional tool for editing videos on a mobile device. The application is a slightly truncated desktop version of the program with which you can synchronize projects. Timeline, powerful effects, video processing in the style of slow-mo – all this thanks to PowerDirector is now available to users of smartphones and tablets.

Of course, to work with such capabilities, an appropriate device is needed, so the app is simply not supported on budget gadgets. To export video in 1080p resolution, you must purchase a license.

Some of the features include:

  • PIP;
  • Beginners guide;
  • Tool palette;
  • Titles and stickers;
  • Highlighting moments in the scene;
  • Integration with Google Drive;
  • Add audio or record voice;
  • Merge several fragments into one clip.

Magisto – The Simplest Way to Edit Your Videos

Magisto is a simple, but very amazing video editor for Android, which will help you capture the moments of your life, turning it all into a mini-movie with music and special effects.

The principle of operation is simple – you select several photos, and the app does the rest for you. You just need to choose a song or another music file to accompany your mini-movie.

Magisto is very easy to use. It doesn’t have many buttons. You can enter the application through social networks so that you can share videos with friends.

When choosing an app for creating and editing videos on Android, it is important to understand the purposes for which you want to use it. If you need to adapt content for social networks or instant messengers, then VivaVideo or Magisto are the best. If it is important for you to have mobile software, made like desktop programs, then you should pay attention to the PowerDirector or KineMaster.

You should also consider the resolution of exported projects. It’s one thing to watch content on the phone, and another to watch videos on a big screen. Therefore, if you plan to show off your work on large monitors or TVs, then be sure to choose software that supports at least HD Ready.