Top 6 iOS Apps On Sale

There is not a single person in the world who would not like such a thing as discounts. The more apps appear on the App Store, the more discounts we get. But the thing is, it's hard to track whether the apps are on sale. Here, on appgodzilla, we keep you covered with the most attractive App Store deals! Follow the list below to learn about the six useful apps you can get by paying less.

6 Apps On Sale You Can't Miss

1. Landscape Video Converter

Landscape Video Converter application screenshots

normal price: $2.99

Of course, video editing applications on iOS devices won't help you to create a Hollywood-style film. However, it will be a good solution for editing a short video for YouTube and other video hosting sites.

Landscape Video Converter is a video editing app that allows you to convert vertical videos into landscape format.

Its main advantage is that it adds a blurry horizontal version of your video in the background and thus makes it acceptable for YouTube/Instagram posting.

Other things you can do in the Landscape Video Converter are:

  • Crop, rotate and scale videos;
  • Get and add sound/music to the video;
  • Trim and change the speed of the video.

Using this application, you can trim videos, add text and audio tracks, apply different filters, process the video manually or automatically.

If you're a fan of video editing, then don't miss the app until the sale ends!

2. Easy Spending – Expense Tracker

Easy Spending – Expense Tracker application screenshots

normal price: $0.99

Keeping a budget is always boring and tiring, but with the help of applications that analyze expenses, organize data, and build pretty diagrams, this process becomes more fun. This application will help you find the "black hole" into which the entire salary flies, and accumulate something really important.

Easy Spending will help you organize a convenient system for recording all your expenses. This application has an intuitive interface that allows you to add new notes instantly. If you have several devices or want to monitor the expenses of the whole family, then you can sync all of the devices to one account using Dropbox. The same cloud service stores backup copies of data in case of any failure or loss of the smartphone.

3. Battleship Classic Board Game

Battleship Classic Board Game application screenshots

normal price: $0.99

A simple and well-known game from your childhood that has become digitalized. Battleship Classic Board Game is still the same game for two. Players take turns naming the coordinates on an opponent's map, and if the opponent has a ship at these coordinates, then the ship or part of it is "drowning." The goal of every player is to sink all the enemy's ships first.

There's no doubt that you will like the game, and here's why:

  • Original graphics: just like on a notebook sheet!
  • Fast, dynamic gameplay;
  • Ability to play with users from all over the world: create your profile, make friends and chat;
  • A single account for all devices.
  • Four game modes.

Place ships, find rivals on the Internet, local network or play via Bluetooth, destroy enemy ships, and win! Real military action on your mobile device with Battleship Classic Game!

4. iSchool – School diary

iSchool – School diary application screenshots

normal price: $3.99

Who needs a school diary, if you can have a one on your iPhone? iSchool is a study organizer and schedule planner both for schools and universities. It has a very minimalistic interface that includes everything a student needs. Convenient class and study-schedule, textbooks, homework, and notes; homework notifications, grades, and grade's average. You can also take a picture or use voice recording as a note. A simple and useful tool for all students.

With iSchool you can:

  • Download textbooks and sync them to the classes;
  • Keep track of your study schedule, make audio and text notes during your classes;
  • Track your tasks: homework, assignments and get notified in advance about deadlines;
  • Keep your grades, calculate the average by semesters and the whole year;
  • Easily share your homework through the social networks or Bluetooth interface;
  • Sync the account to other devices if needed.

5. CostDiary PRO

CostDiary PRO application screenshots

normal price: $0.99

This application has a very nice design, an intuitive interface. Once you start using CostDiary PRO, it offers you to register and activates an assistant who guides you through the basic functions and helps you to fill all needed information.

A straightforward and very useful mobile application that allows you to keep track of expenses and income. It also helps to analyze spending by periods and categories, follow the restrictions within the assigned budget, and maintain several budgets together. You can set a goal and save money for a particular aim. Whether you want to buy a car, go on a vacation or save some funds for your kids' education – just set the goal and the app will get you covered with the statistics.

6. Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw

Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw application screenshots

normal price: $1.99

If you have a desire to make your photos taken with iPhone or iPad more artistic, then Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw is exactly what you need. The application will allow you to turn the picture into a sketch drawing with various modifications. This effect is not new and is actively used in various graphic editors, but in Tiny paint Pro-Pad, you will find possibly all of the techniques existing.

Using the Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw application, you can create original photo masterpieces in just a few clicks. This is a fairly simple application, so dealing with it will not be difficult at all. In this application, you will find a lot of original artistic filters that will make even the simplest photo into an extraordinary one.

Main features of Tiny Paint Pro-Pad Doodle Draw are:

  • Supports unlimited layers and 20+ blend modes;
  • Over 450 high-quality brushes. Support Apple Pencil for iPad 2018 and 3D Touch sensitivity for iPhones. Drawing whenever and wherever you want!
  • Over 60 filters, ideal for enhancing your photos;
  • Select areas with Intelligence, Lasso, Magic Wand, Rect, or Tap tool. Edit and apply effects to portions of the photo while leaving unselected areas untouched;
  • If you want to design UI, web page or LOGO on the go, TinyPaint is for you;
  • Undo any slippery editing mistakes;
  • Remove unwanted objects from your photos;
  • Combine two layers seamlessly;
  • 20 + Color FX and 10+ Color adjustment tools;
  • Over 1000 stickers, textures, backgrounds, etc.;
  • Fill, stroke, text, crop, resize, rotate and etc.

Buy now or cry later

We hope that you loved these apps as much as we do! Every day, we go through more than 300 apps to find the best deals and sales for you. Still, it's impossible to catch them all. Do you track apps that go on sale? Share your methods with us!

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