Top 10 Travel Apps for Your iOS Device

One of the most exciting moments of the journey is its anticipation – when tickets are already bought, and hotels are booked, a guide is selected and read to pieces, and the smartphone is ready to withstand another attack of new travel apps you’re about to install.

Here are the top 10 travel apps that will definitely come in handy during your trip. No matter where and when you go, download these applications on your iPhone or iPad, and you will definitely not regret it.

Skyscanner – A Free App for Your iPhone or iPad

Skyscanner – well-known service for finding and buying plane tickets – now can also be used on your phone or tablet. The application has the same functionality that is available on the website – find plane tickets using the convenient filters for travel time, number of transfers, price, etc.

Skyscanner used to have three separate applications with narrow functionality to look for flights, hotels, and cars. Now there is one app that combines all these functions, and at the same time, it offers a new interface and a number of minor improvements. Using the Skyscanner app, you can find a cheap plane ticket, good deal on hotels, and rent a car for a very affordable price.

Google Maps Will Help You Find the Way

Google’s map service today has no analogs. Although Apple is trying to oust it from iOS, Google Maps is still very popular with users. If you are used to plotting routes through Google Maps, and you still will use the Internet on a trip, then you cannot find a better application. Google Maps is a simple, convenient, and fast app that offers accurate routes, and you can hardly think of something radically better.

City Mapper Will Build Routes on All Transportation Around the World

City Mapper application screenshots

City Mapper is much more than just maps. This is a complete geolocation service with the widest list of available functions. For example, having determined your location, the application will divide the entire territory around you into zones, indicating how long it will take you (on foot) to get to the border of each of the zones.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to see the location of all the bus stops in the city. You can see how much time left before the arrival of a bus at a particular stop. For the subway, there is a detailed scheme, which is displayed on top of the city map. Thus, you can easily navigate where to go and where this or that metro line runs.

Google Translate Will Help You Translate Things Even Offline

Google Translate is an all-time hit, which has a cool sci-fi feature – it can translate in real time and offline. Download the language you need and point the camera at the text you need to translate.

Even though no translator will ever be able to replace the “live” knowledge of the language, when on a trip, such an application may be indispensable. It works with 103 languages (including 52 in offline mode) in the mode of typing from the keyboard, handwriting, in the talk mode, and the camera mode.

Airbnb – iOS App for Renting Accommodation Worldwide

Airbnb is a popular rental service that allows you to rent housing directly from the owner, bypassing all kinds of realtors. There are more than 600,000 options available in 34 thousand cities around the world.

Before booking, you can contact the owner and clarify all the details, see photos and a description of accommodation, and, most importantly, read the reviews of other guests.

Want to rent a house yourself? No problem, this service will also help you with this. Place an ad and accept or reject applications from potential guests directly from your iPhone or iPad.

Hotel Tonight Is a Great App When You Need a Room Here and Now

Hotel Tonight application screenshots

Do you like to travel spontaneously, or did it just happen that the opportunity to book accommodation arise only at the last moment? Hotel Tonight is just what you need. The app helps to search and book accommodation with big discounts for a maximum of a week in advance and up to 5 nights.

Uber Will Help You Get Anywhere You Need

Uber is a vivid example of how the use of modern technology can open up a whole world to business. The Uber app is a taxi service that is present in almost 550 cities around the world and offers quite favorable prices for travel compared to local carriers.

After ordering a car, you can see the driver’s photo and information about the car, track its movement online, and pay for the trip in the application using your credit card.

XE Will Help You Convert Various Currencies

If you cannot immediately convert 1,343,958 Vietnamese dongs into dollars, then use XE, a currency conversion application. Using the app, you can quickly convert one currency into another. Do not forget to just update currency rates before leaving the hotel to be sure that all prices are converted correctly.

Packpoint Will Help You Pack for Any Journey

Packpoint application screenshots

Packpoint is an app that will help you pack for any journey. Based on your trip, it will offer you a list of things you need to bring with you. When using the app, you need to specify the gender, purpose, and place of the trip, as well as its date and duration. Packpoint will independently check the weather conditions for a specified period of time and make a list of necessary things. Of course, you can adjust them for yourself. As a bonus, users can share their lists. The application is free for your iPhone or iPad.

TripAdvisor – The Most Popular App for Finding Points of Interest

TripAdvisor is the world’s most popular app for tourists, which will help you plan your dream vacation without leaving your home. Which resort to choose? Which hotel is best to stay? Where to get tickets? The answers to these and many other equally important questions you can find from the numerous reviews of tourists from all over the world.

TripAdvisor will assist you not only with the preparation of the trip. Run the application, specify your location, and you will be presented with a list of the nearest places (pubs, bars, restaurants, etc.). Using the app, you can choose not only a cafe or a snack bar but also your favorite cuisine. Thirst for fresh impressions? Then use filters to look for entertainment, interesting events, nightlife, and shops.