Big Games Releases This Week for PC and Consoles

We are already halfway through July, and there are plenty of new games out for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. As it comes to an end, there will be even more releases coming your way. We are here with a list of some new games released this week. Obviously, we have not mentioned early access games, so this list is an exhaustive one. There would be many games released for all platforms, but we have only included noteworthy ones. So, let’s take an exclusive look on these games.


Etherborn game screenshot

Developed by Altered Matter, this is an indie gravity bending puzzler out now on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. This dream-like imagery introduces various challenges with anti-gravity elements where you will find yourself upside-down solving different puzzles. Every level is different in terms of tasks where gravity shifting structures, amazing music, and aesthetics will keep you interested in playing every stage. The rules of this mind-bending game are simple: your translucent character needs to collect glowing orbs to move forward. The challenges are not hard but obtuse and make you think about what you are supposed to do. You can play the game at your pace as there are no time limits. It is a beautiful combination of bright, relaxing yet creepy and desolate landscapes where you are all alone and playing. Overall, this slow-paced puzzle game is a good change of pace from action or violent games, so do give it a play.

Sky: Children of the Light

Sky: Children of the Light game screenshot

Thatgamecompany’s beautiful animated game has just launched on iOS this week. Android, PC, and console versions will be coming soon. The story is explained by a short introduction describing the objective of the players who are the Children of the Light. They need to search the stars that fell from the sky and restore them back to their constellations. The children must spread hope through the deserted kingdom. This is the only way to awaken the perished civilization. Magical is the only word to describe this game. The music and visuals are absolutely beautiful. As a player, you will be cooperating with other players to solve puzzles in order to advance the game. There will be no usernames or chatting with others, you just need to figure things out as you proceed. 

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 nintendo game screenshot

One of the highly anticipated games has just released on Nintendo Switch this week. It is one of the cooperative beat-them-up games where you need to have a very strong team. In this action role-playing game, each player can team up with three friends, and each controls a superhero. You can have your ultimate team of X-Men, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and many more. Just like in the Marvel movies, make sure your team is pretty strong as you must prevent the galactic destruction and fight against the crazy cosmic dictator Thanos and his cold-blooded warmasters. You can also get the paid “Expansion pass” to improve your alliance with the forthcoming DLC content. Don't forget to play this game with your friends and have a party of four heroes. 

Lost Ember

Lost Ember game screenshot

The last game on our list is developed by Mooneye Studios. It is a fascinating story-driven third-person adventure game which has just been released for PC and all consoles. The main character of the game is a wolf. He will guide the player and act as a loyal companion. He used to be a part of an ancient Inrahsi culture and witnessed its fall. He was searching for someone for centuries and now has found you. In this game, you will explore the world with your companion, playing the role of the wolf. With your unique ability to possess animals, you must unlock the parts of the story. You will witness what happened earlier through the memories of the wolf and why he needs your help. If you like playing hidden secrets and places games, you are definitely going to love it. The visuals are so gorgeous that the game looks like a piece of art. This game will surely bring excellent play with an artistic flair. This does not mean that the developers have focused much on how it looks than how it plays.

These Great Games Are Waiting For You

Don’t forget to share your comments and questions with our community and make sure you follow us to get information on the upcoming games. Nothing feels better than being able to get your hands on a game just after its release. There will be some interesting games to look forward, so don’t forget to check them out in the coming weeks.