Beef Up Your Online Protection with Firefox Content Blocking Tools

Most people don’t have a complete grasp over technological jargon of cybersecurity. However, they do understand that they have gotten to the point when there is no real security online. If you are using the web, you are always vulnerable. People are now willing to take actions to protect the privacy of their lives on the Internet. The digital space is where we expose ourselves through our browsing habits. Our web surfing history is distinctive and reveals a lot about what and how we think. Websites and advertisers can now easily track what we searched online, for how long and for what purpose. This metadata provides so much information about us that trackers or government spies don’t actually need to know the content of those websites.

Thanks to Firefox, developers who work with dedication to improve user experience and introduce privacy-protection tools, we can now use these privacy and security-centric tools to avoid leaking data online.

Firefox browser helps to protect your online identity from trackers who are interested in gathering your browsing history. They also block crypto miners looking to use your device for cryptocurrency mining without your permission. They can also stop hackers who can steal your unique identity and use it for any illegal purpose. 

How To Protect Your Online Privacy By Using These Tools 

Firefox Settings interface

Firefox is a free and open source software, and its content blocking tools will save your identity from information gathering websites as well as unauthorized use of your information by hackers and crypto miners. Firefox lets you easily check which version you are currently running. You just need to use the Firefox menu and select “About Firefox”. It is easier to upgrade to the latest Firefox version depending on the operating system: Windows or MacOS.

During your efforts to block trackers, some websites will break. Firefox settings offer you a balance between usability and protection, so you can choose from different privacy settings according to your preferences. Here’s how you can access and use these tools.

1. Based on your operating system, select Preferences or Options from the right side of the toolbar.

2. From the Preferences window, select the Privacy and Security option.

3. You can choose from three privacy setting options:

- Standard: To protect against third-party and private windows trackers;

- Strict: To block tracking cookies from all windows or third parties;

- Custom: To allow you to decide which websites to block.

4. Once you make a selection, you need to click on “Reload All Tabs” option to apply the new settings.

Mozilla has announced it will automatically block third-party tracking cookies for new users in its latest release. It will switch on this protection for existing users in the coming months. Users can easily turn on “Do Not Track” to indicate they don’t want to be tracked online.

Firefox Has Become The Go-To Standard For Secure Web Browsing 

If you are offered something absolutely free in this digital surveillance era, wait a moment and ask yourself a simple question: If I am getting this at no cost, how will the other party make money off this? Why are they offering this thing for free? Always remember, there is no free lunch. They are probably after your data, and if you’ve fallen victim to their gimmicks, they will trick you to give your information. There are different websites which come with these nasty surprises. With Firefox’s latest content blocking tools, these threats can be avoided. It is high time to shift to Firefox and take the next step in guarding your online identity with these tools.
Let us know about your opinion on protecting online privacy. We will be waiting for your questions and comments about these tools.