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AudioTool review

AudioTool app is considered to be one of the most complete audio analyzers. It checks the sound of your microphone on the phone, as well. It also checks the loudspeaker polarity and helps you to reach the best quality of the sound. The app was created by Julian Bunn. It was developed for Android and iOS devices. You can download AudioTool Android on the Google Play Store. The app is compatible with the 4.0 Android system or later.

Interface 9/10

AudioTool is an app with a direct purpose and numerous functions. It means that the design of the app has to be neat and clear. It does not contain any background images, and its graphics look rather plain. At the same time, the app has numerous vivid colors that highlight buttons, SPL, stereo signals. Multiple colors gathered in one place may distract your attention from measurements.

Menu and Features 10/10

AudioTool combines numerous useful functions useful for amateurs and professionals. It has a simple menu so everyone could understand it. Among the main features of the app that you may like:

  • Pick the Chart Record function to see the SPL measurements trace moves during the last couple of minutes;
  • Check the loudspeaker with the loudspeaker polarity checker whether it is out of phase or wired in it. If it is in phase all you need to do is to connect the output AudioTool to the speaker and pick the Polarity button, after that return to the screen of RTA. If it is out of phase, you will see the Pol --- sign;
  • Use the Noise Criteria feature to see the NC contours set laid on the RTA 1/1 Octave display. You can also find out the NC current value in the real-time;
  • Check out the RT60 measurements via the RT60 function. You can start the process by making a clap or tap;
  • There is a Signal Generator in the app that is able to generate different noises, from Ramp waves and Impulses to White Noise. It uses various cycled buffers, which are acting randomly to generate Pink and White noises.

Usability 10/10

AudioTool offers numerous functions for people who work with sound professionally or just want to take measurements and improve the quality of their own microphones or music devices. You can leave this app on your phone after you took the measurements you wanted and continue to use it whenever you need it. It can be used with different devices.

Any Glitches? 10/10

All the buttons that you need are placed on the screen, under the sound checking monitor. If you want to hide them, you can just tap on the screen one time. And whenever you need them again, just repeat the tapping procedure. If you need to see the scale closely, you can zoom in by pinching. Swipe right or left, up or down if you need to move the scale. The app is extremely intuitive. Besides, each button is signed and well-described. It is highlighted in a bright color, so you will not miss it. There are cursors for your convenience if you need them.

Device’s Compatibility 10/10

Audiotool is widely used in both Android and iOS based devices. You may want to install it on your tablet for a wider screen.


AudioTool is one of the best measuring sound apps. It was created for mobile platforms and is easy to use. The app can be used multiple times for any volume measurements.


  • Simple controls
  • Numerous features
  • High replay value


  • Is not free of charge
  • Plain design
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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