Apocalipse e Escatologia
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Apocalipse e Escatologia review

The app is about Bible study of the book of Revelation. It also contains other topics of biblical eschatology. When you install and use this app, you understand what the Bible has to say about the apocalypse or the end times.

The app consists of Eschatology – it is the doctrine of the last things. It explains the division of systematic theology. With this theology, Eschatology studies the prophecies of the Bible. These prophecies are related to the future of individuals and future of the world.

In the Apocalipse e Escatologia app, you have an access to a number of studies. All these studies that have been integrated into the app are undertaken in a simple and objective way, thus, ensuring that you understand the book of Revelation along with various other eschatological themes.

Interface 8/10

The whole of the interface follows a light red-pinkish theme that enhances its appeal by several notches. In order to keep the interface clutter free, the essential functions have been concealed in the sidebar. Once in the reading mode, you see all the important features and functions lined up on the top. On the whole, when it comes to the interface of Apocalipse e Escatologia, you do not find any sort of clumsiness. 

Menu and Features 9/10

More than the features and functionalities, it’s the number of chapters that make the app a preferred choice for many. The excellent reading mode of the app makes it super easy to go through each and every chapter. The app is lite in nature and it doesn’t eat your RAM or device’s memory. Further, it comes with easy sharing option too. You don’t need the internet to browse through the content of the app as it works seamlessly without it.

Usability 9/10

The app is used by all those who wish to go through the Bible study of the Book of Revelation. One can even use the app to read offline various topics that are related to Biblical eschatology. Want to know what the Bible says about the end times? Then, Apocalipse e Escatologia is the app that you need to use.

Any Glitches? 8/10

Perhaps this is not a glitch but a user-experience bug. In case, you hit the exit button while reading a chapter, you cannot resume your reading from the exact same point where you left. You will have to search for the chapter, paragraph, and line right from scratch.

Devices Compatibility

The Apocalipse e Escatologia app runs smoothly on all the smart devices that are powered by Android 4.0.3 and up.

Is it Any Good?

If you look forward to knowing Bible study of the Book of Revelation in a neat and organized way, Apocalipse e Escatologia is the app for you. Right from the correct placement of all the options to a plethora of sharing options, the app has everything that enhances your readability. Know the prophecies of the Bible and what it has to say about the end of times with this app.


  • The App Size is Quite Small. Thus, it is Easy on RAM and Storage
  • Seamless Organization of Every Function and App Element


  • Zoom Option (by Pinching) is Not Present in the Reading Mode of the App
  • Annoying Ads on the Interface
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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