Abide - Christian Meditation
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Abide - Christian Meditation review

You might have thought that meditation is an Oriental practice, intrinsic to Buddhism or Hinduism but strange to Christianity. Nothing of the kind, the Abide developers say. If you download Abide, you’ll see how meditation works within the Christian mentality. The app is basically free and quite functional even without paying extras.

Interface 9/10

Is it something like what TV preachers deliver to you, but without the actual TV? Sort of. This is quite a regular app, with easy interface, audio streams, and extras like your private diary. It features tabs for sections like sleep, topic-focused meditations, guides, or your profile.

Menu and Features 9/10

Using Oriental methods within the Christian paradigm, the author of the app is here to help you fight your anxiety, insomnia, undecidedness, depression, and more. The meditations here are accompanied by the voice of the preacher who instructs you how to reach the state of mind you need. The story is full of Gospel quotes, assuring the listener about love divine and happiness available. There are also bedtime meditations, with beautiful pictures and nature sounds. So prepare a stand for your phone to keep it at your bed.

By entering your email and name, you can register to receive daily reminders. With them, it will be easier for you to find time to meditate and listen to preaching combined with a meditation instruction. You can choose whether you want to receive push notifications, emails, or both.

The app has a built-in journal – a private book where you can type down your thoughts, your feelings, your deepest prayers. Well, it can even be the app’s primary use: you meditate a little to get yourself tuned, and then start writing down your diary notes. It’s a shame they are not protected by a separate password or a PIN – nothing but the Seal of Confession.

The full potential of Abide, though, it unlocked with the subscription. It brings you bedtime stories, topical guides on selectable matters, longer uninterrupted meditations, and more. You can try it for free for seven days.

Usability 8/10

As you start the app, you get the recommendations immediately. You are offered various experience lengths, though only the 2-minute option is free.

The controls are not so obvious, due to the minimalistic approach. For example, to pause or resume the playback, you need to tap the center of the white screen; other spots are no help.

Any Glitches? 10/10

We haven’t experienced any troubles with running and exploring the app. It might probably work just as fine on your device. Abide delivers audio and visual experience in streaming mode, of course, and it depends on the Internet connection.

Device Compatibility 10/10

The app is available on iOS and Android, bringing equal functionality on both of them. The system requirements are quite moderate, but still, it requires at least iOS 11.0 or Android 4.1. That means that most devices manufactured after 2013 are good enough for it.


It’s a great combination of meditation and Christian prayers, and no wonder it’s so popular. The only risk it brings (along with spam notification) is being too frank with your diary. The app has no protection for it but that of your phone or tablet. So find another place to share your deepest secrets.



  • Free meditations available
  • Bedtime stories and topic-centered meditations
  • Built-in diary
  • Low system requirements.


  • The most interesting content is paid
  • No security options for your diary.
Menu and Features
Any glitches?

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