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Tik Tok review

Who hadn't seen an annoying ad on YouTube where another teenage girl sexy danced with popular music? That's TikTok - video social media that's perfect for your...

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Tik Tok review

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Hilary Giorgi

Tik Tok review

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Who hadn't seen an annoying ad on YouTube where another teenage girl sexy danced with popular music? That's TikTok - video social media that's perfect for your smartphone. It has a vertical video thread with much more interesting videos than dancing girls. Very cute, modern, and everybody's in it.

Interface 10/10

This app is basically a 15 (might be up to 60) seconds usually vertical video playing. I like that there's the main video on the screen. Once you start following somebody, you can switch to the Following icon on the top part of the screen. In the right side, you have the person's avatar whose video is playing with a subscription option. Also, there are likes, comments and share icons on the same side. On the bottom of the video, you have its caption, the author's nickname and the make of the track playing in it. There are search, add your video, notifications and your profile icons as well.

Menu and Features 6/10

You begin at home page where videos that you might like are played for you. You have to swipe up if you want to move to the next video otherwise it'll repeat itself.

There you can translate the caption to your language.  I like how you don't see the comments here, so you wouldn't get annoyed by them. In TikTok there's a user name, sounds and hashtag search available.

Once you upload your video, you can choose effects and sounds from massive app's gallery. But the stickers aren't enough, there's a lot of filters though.

Usability 9/10

When I said above that everybody's in it, I meant mostly teens are in it. And when you log in for the first time, you see a lot of hot Korean video clips and sketches, very popular amongst youth. And you see a lot of scholars in general in TikTok. It was fun to see what's popular now (I'm 30) and I was happy to see that some of the things don't get old like bungee jumping, amazing cheerleader stunts, gymnastics, and slime. I like this app, it's really fun.

Any Glitches? 8/10

The app runs pretty smoothly. It can get slow at times but not too much. Tik Tok performance depends on your smartphone's abilities. If you have a good CPU, a lot of storage and not too many apps running at the same time, you're good to go.

Devices Compatibility

It works better on your smartphone than on a tablet. It's made especially for your phone because we usually record vertical videos on it. On a tablet or if someone uploads a horizontal video you can see black frames around the video. It's not too comfy and doesn't give you a truly immersing experience when you're on your phone.

Is it Any Good?

I've been enjoying Tik Tok since the beginning. I'm happy that it's positive from the start, I was afraid that there would be negativity as bullying, car crashes, and painful fails. Even if you search for those videos you'll find mostly funny harmless fails or car crashes from GTA V. It's easy to use, but I prefer watching other people more than creating something of my own.


  • It can make you smile
  • Learn new life hacks and tricks
  • Comfortable format of one at a time vertical videos


  • Major time-killer
  • Most of the videos here are entertaining but not making you smarter
Menu and Features
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