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My Talking Pet

My Talking Pet review

My Talking Pet is a light funny app in which you can create a personal talking pet. Upload a pic of your own pet or choose from the app's gallery. Add special effects t... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

My Talking Pet review

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Amy Morton

My Talking Pet review

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My Talking Pet is a light funny app in which you can create a personal talking pet. Upload a pic of your own pet or choose from the app's gallery. Add special effects to it and make it talk with the funny voice. Then send it to your friends and family or post it on social media.

Interface 8/10

Minimalistic design with the main orange color even too minimalistic, you know, they could add much more features considering it's not a free app. Why not make pets wear outfits, for example? They could do that, and the app would be more fun. But it’s good at the same time because all the features are right there on the screen and you don’t need to scroll and tap all over the app.

Menu and Features 8/10

Before using the app, you need to choose the picture of your pet from the gallery or an animal from the app’s catalog. You have to show on your pet's pictures where its eyes, mouth, chin and the top of its head. The app actually recognizes them itself you just can tweak it if you need to. Then you go on the main screen where you can record the message for the pet. Also, there you can accessorize your pet with hats, glasses, moustache, and collars. Again, not enough things you can do to a picture in our opinion. After you're done share the message on your socials or send it to your friends as a DM. The appropriate icon is available on the bottom of the screen.

Usability 5/10

First of all, for some reason, it's free for Apple and 3£ on Android. There's no free version or free trial for Android users. iOS users can purchase My Talking Pet Pro for 4.99£. It’s all confusing and kind of make you doubt even more if you want to install this app or not. Once you do choose it performs very well, and you actually enjoy using it. And it’s great that it doesn’t take a lot of time to make a funny video with a cute talking pet.

Any Glitches? 10/10

No glitches there. Which is how we expected because if you make not a free app since the beginning you have to make sure it performs accordingly. It does play animation well, and on the places, you want it to. The sound of the message is pure and stable. The pet’s accessories graphics are done well.

Devices Compatibility

It's strange how Android seems the same on many smartphone brands but performs drastically different on each of them. Some apps might work on some brands and don't work on others. But this app performed well both on Samsung and Xiaomi, usually, Samsung has more chances on apps working perfectly on it.

Is it Any Good?

Apple devices have the second app from the My Talking Pet creators - My Talking Pet Pro. There's no Pro version of this app available for Android. Maybe because Android already have a similar app that works with much more features for free (but it does have paid version with even more features). Hence, we don't see the point in this app. Yes, it's fun, cute, and fluffy but the competition out there is rough so the My Talking Pet’s creators should've provided a free trial at least.


  • Light and fun app that makes your mood better
  • You can share it on almost all social media available
  • Performs well without glitches.


  • Not for free and no trial available
  • There could be much more options to decorate your pet.
Menu and Features
Any glitches?
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