Minecraft review

Minecraft is the heaven for builders, who love to create everything from scratch. The game offers you to build hours of your dream, whether it will be a hut or luxurious ca...

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Minecraft review

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Amy Morton

Minecraft review

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Minecraft is the heaven for builders, who love to create everything from scratch. The game offers you to build hours of your dream, whether it will be a hut or luxurious castle. Once you master your building skills, know where to find every rare material and how to create a weapon, fight with evil mobs and save the world.

Gameplay - 10/10

Minecraft app looks like LEGO constructor that came to the open world of the game where everything is possible, and angry mobs can kill you. Choose one of two modes the game offers. You can either take part in creative mode, survival or multiplayer.

Creative mode gives players an unlimited number of different blocks they can build from. Some of these blocks can be found only in this mode. You receive spawn eggs to create mobs, which are creatures in Minecraft. The laws of gravity do not always work for you, so you can fly if you want. And the best thing is nothing can really hurt you, as you are invincible to all types of damage, like death from starvation, for example. You are not limited to one house. The whole world is opened in front of you, now you can build everything in it.

Survival mode leaves you empty-handed at the start. You can use everything that surrounds you to survive. You are not invincible anymore, and monsters can kill you. Besides that, your death can be natural if you will not eat or sleep. With each new step, you gain some experience. During the day you gather resources, at night you need to hide from monsters.

Another mode is multiplayer. It does not offer you anything new, except the ability to play with friends. You may play with other people from across the world. Team up to create the whole new world or go into various quests.

Graphics - 10/10

This is a pixel world, with primitive graphics and this is what makes everything great. You will recognize Minecraft backgrounds and mobs everywhere. These pixel primitive pictures became the symbol of the game itself.  Everything is bright in this world and consists of blocks of different size. The grass and trees are green, the stones grey and the water is blue. That is almost all colors that surround you. You can better concentrate on your mission.

Replay Value - 9/10

Minecraft is the game without any special end quest. It means you can always find something new and interesting in it. There is no limit for your imagination - create everything you want. Since all the materials you need to gather yourself, it may take a while to build something colossal. If you get bored by one mode, just switch it to another, and start over.

Controls - 9/10

If you are not familiar with the Minecraft world, the best option for you is to start with Creative mode. You will train your skills in building there. Since there are no enemies waiting for you and you can’t be killed, there is no rush, and you can learn how to navigate step by step. Tap close to you, and you will place blocks. Hold the block for some time, and it will be crushed. In survival mode, you’ll have to swing a lot with a weapon and run backward after you kill the enemy.


Minecraft is a legendary game that is now available on your phones. If you love to build things from colorful blocks, you must try this game. Don’t limit your imagination, create medieval fortress or kill monsters.


  • Various blocks to build with
  • Survival mode is full of monsters
  • Extraordinary LEGO graphics


  • It may take time to learn how to survive in a hostile environment
  • Not so much round or triangular shapes
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