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Still changing your phone’s settings manually? How about leaving the same on the shoulder of the app – Locale? The app is known for its advanced artificial intelligence w...

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Locale review

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Amy Morton

Locale review

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Still changing your phone’s settings manually? How about leaving the same on the shoulder of the app – Locale? The app is known for its advanced artificial intelligence which manages all the phone-related settings automatically. So, let’s say, you arrive at your office, you need not have to put your cell phone on silent manually. The app will take care of it. Similarly, your Wi-Fi switches on automatically once you enter your work premise. You can, of course, customize these settings.

Want to know how it works? Well, the magic lies in its ‘Conditions.’ With the help of these conditions, it changes the profile and settings of your phone. There are various other features and functionalities that make the app super useful and powerful. All in all, once you are used to the app’s power and convenience, you never want to stay without it.

Interface 8/10

The interface of the app is elegant and there is no sort of stuffing on it. The features, options, and instructions boast of a big and bold font which makes it easy to locate them. There are vector icons for every feature, thus, further enhancing the overall look. There are also certain important options which are located on the bottom of the app. These options are Help, Shop for Plugins, Prioritize Situations, and Contact Support.

Menu and Features 9/10

The Locale app consists of numerous features and sub-features. There are six basic categories or conditions in the app. These are Battery, Calendar, Time, Orientation, Location, and Caller. Each one of them further consists of several options. All these together allow you to build a customized profile. You can set conditions to change wallpapers, switch on/off Wi-Fi, put your cell phone on silent, change brightness, switch on/off Bluetooth, etc. This is indeed an amazing app to automate all the itsy-bitsy tasks on your phone.

Usability 9/10

The app is used by all those who wish to automate tasks such as switch on/off Wi-Fi, putting their cell phone on silent mode, change the wallpaper, display sleep, etc. As aforementioned, the automation can be done based on various conditions viz. time, location, caller, etc. Thus, the same elevates the usability of the app by several notches.

Any Glitches? 8/10

While the app works as smooth as silk a majority of times, sometimes it either changes the settings even before the condition occurs or it doesn’t change the settings at all. Thus, it is advised to just peek at your phone on the occurrence of the condition to ensure the settings have been changed.

Devices Compatibility

The app is compatible with the Android smartphones and even tablets that are powered by either Android version 2.3 or up.

Is it Any Good?

In this tech-savvy world where everything is shifting towards automation, how can the smartphone settings remain aloof from the same? With the Locale app installed on your device, you need not have to change any of your settings manually. Just make a template of the settings, set a condition, and the app will take care of each and everything.


  • A Large Number of Easy-to-Customize Conditions and Settings
  • Geofencing Algorithm to Detect Location
  • No Battery Drain


  • The Notification about the Current Condition or Active Profile Always Remain in the Notification Bar
Menu and Features
Any glitches?
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