Infinity Blade III
Infinity Blade III

Infinity Blade III review

Infinity Blade, a fantasy junction of RPG and action, has been exclusive for iOS in mobile world. Based on newest graphic engines, it discovers new horizons of what mobile... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Infinity Blade III review

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Amy Morton

Infinity Blade III review

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Infinity Blade, a fantasy junction of RPG and action, has been exclusive for iOS in mobile world. Based on newest graphic engines, it discovers new horizons of what mobile gaming can be.

Though released in 2013, the third (and the final) part of the saga is still highly playable and followed by numerous imitations. Yet the original is always the original. Stuffed with fantastic details, drawn greatly and located in a complicated world, it may steal endless hours of your life, and you won’t regret. 

Gameplay 10/10

Infinity Blade world has always been a bizarre junction of mythology and hi-tech; so it is in Part 3. The world is taken over by the Deathless, immortal humanoid creatures that can only be killed with the Infinity Blade. Your mission is to unveil the mystery of the God King, the master of The Deathless, and put an end to their domination.

You can select between two playable characters. One is Siris, the protagonist of previous games, a sword fighter that fights the enemies directly. The other is Isa, a woman thief that prefers magical tricks and spells. Whoever you select, your mission is the same.

The main part of the game consists of combats. You need to hit your enemies until they’re out of life points and defend yourself from their attacks. The developers left the original battle mechanics almost intact: swipe to hit, tap to protect. In between you will meet  lot of NPCs that can help you with crafting, trading, getting new weapons.

Unlock location by location to get new quests. There are always some side quests helpful for upgrading your character.

In a world so tricked out that it inspires writers to create fantasy novels, there is always something behind. As the publisher rolls out new updates, you get to know more.

Graphics 10/10

No single byte of the 3 GB it requires has been wasted. Protagonists and antagonists, environment and non-playable characters, inventory and maps – it’s all detailed, colored, bright and shining, especially of the scene is dark.

Fights are gorgeous. The camera is never static; it always finds the best point of view to make your combats as spectacular as can be. Voice acting (and sounds at all) should be also rated as great. The experience resembles watching an interactive HD movie produced by a major studio (especially in numerous video interludes). The visuals are stunning, and still the game runs smoothly even on old devices.

Replay Value 7/10

In spite of monotonous combats, there is a long storyline with unexpected twists, so the game still holds your attention. 

One doesn’t have to spend endless hours at this game until the device needs recharging. You may play it casually, fight by fight, twist by twist, and put your device aside after each one.

Every new update reveals more mysteries of Infinity Blade world, so it looks like a sequel to a blockbuster you may feel fed up with, but you certainly won’t miss.

Controls 10/10

The developers decided not to overload the screen with virtual buttons and give it all to game content. While fighting, you mostly act by taps and swipes.
This controls system follows through all the installments, so if you played previous Infinity Blade parts, you will feel familiar with this one.

When playing it on iPhone, you may suddenly notice that your finger hides large part of the screen; on iPad it’s no problem at all.


Said to be the final part of the saga, Infinity Blade 3 is still highly playable. The updates give more reasons to keep it on your iPhone or iPad to return to it. And if you have missed it somehow, it’s worth fixing.

Still one of the greatest fantasy games, Infinity Blade 3 is still also an exclusive to iOS. And it runs well on old devices with iOS 6.0. That is, it’s compatible even with old iPhones or iPads, if you can spare 3 GB of space.

And, by the way, it hasn’t been announced truly finished, so chances are there’ll be more updates.


  • Stunning graphics
  • Constant updates
  • Selection of playable characters
  • Can be played casually
  • Compatible with old devices as well as newest ones.


  • Dungeons have been cancelled
  • Too little innovations in gameplay
  • Combat system may seem too monotonous
Replay Value
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