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Infinite Painter review

Infinite Painter is an advanced painting application on smartphones and tablets. This Android application offers a perfect blend of colors and textures and makes your paintings look... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Infinite Painter review

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Emily Irish

Infinite Painter review

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Infinite Painter is an advanced painting application on smartphones and tablets. This Android application offers a perfect blend of colors and textures and makes your paintings look like masterpieces.

Indulge your artistic side by using this tool and painting on the move! There is no more need to carry a huge canvas and brushes. You can paint whenever and wherever you are. With the advancement of technology, people prefer to leave paper behind as it is cumbersome and unorganized. An application on a phone or tablet makes it easier and more economical than investing in canvases, paints, brushes and much more. Developed by Sean Breakfield, this Android application gives users a realistic experience. 

Regardless of the fact that you are a professional or an amateur artist, this application is a pleasure to work with. It gives you a ‘look and feel’ of a mini canvas, and the loaded features allow you to try out numerous variations of the same picture.

Interface – 8/10 

The user interface can be customized as needed. Certain controls can be moved and placed anywhere on the screen, or a customized toolbar can be created. The application offers three different color themes and six styles of the color wheel. The exquisitely designed interface demands a rating of 8 out of 10 as it handles beautifully in the hands of the users.

The performance-oriented interface of Infinite Painter offers its users tools and workspace for creating masterpieces. The application can handle professional digital tasks, which gives the pictures a professional look and feel. It is also accessible in 12 different languages.

Menu and Features – 8/10 

Infinite Painter has two main modes. One is the Editor, and the other is the Project Gallery.

  • The ‘editor’ is the option where you create images, draw, paint, color, edit, etc.;
  • Project Gallery is the file in which you can store and organize your pictures. The Project Gallery also provides access to an online Infinite Studio Community for sharing your work and browsing the work of the other artists.

Infinite Painter comes loaded with some fantastic features:

  • The Canvas has different specifications depending on the device being used, and it can be resized, cropped or expanded;
  • The brush-strokes mimic actual strokes by offering its users a choice from more than 80 natural presets. The users can change or create new brushes from the settings;
  • The superior tools of the application allow the users to experiment with different styles and textures;
  • By using its advanced features, the users can layer and create seamless patterns.

Usability – 9/10 

Infinite Painter is a highly customizable application which allows its users to have professional experience. The tools and features in this application make its users love the feel and look of it. 

Most of the users of this application have given it a 9+ rating on a 10-point scale. It’s a very user-friendly application with a professional feel. The option of sharing images with others makes this application even more appealing.

Any Glitches? – 9/10 

This application is an excellent tool which gives a professional performance. As it is available in 12 other languages, it makes it more appealing and accessible to users wanting to use the app in their regional language. Its sophisticated feature, illustration tools, and image manipulation functions make it highly versatile and reliable to professional artists, for which the app deserves a 9-point rating on a scale of 1-10.

Device’s Compatibility

This application works on Android and iOS devices. It requires an Android version of 4.2 and up. Both the Android and iOS updates are highly reliable and stable.

Is It Any Good?

Infinite Painter brings a sophisticated digital painting app for its Android and iOS users. This tool is designed for artists to paint and share on the go. This application gives artists the freedom to create images and keep it organized in their devices. Artists no longer have to carry cumbersome art materials wherever they go. Create and share with your community from anywhere; you can also browse the works of other artists using this app.


  • Paint on the go
  • Share with others
  • Browse the work of the other artists
  • Get a professional look and feel


  • Does not work on versions lower than 4.2 of Android and the older versions of iOS
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