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Easy Poser review

Easy Poser is a useful app that helps artists and illustrators with all their drawing needs. The app offers numerous manga-style figures that pose in different human angles to help a...

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Easy Poser review

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Emily Irish

Easy Poser review

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Easy Poser is a useful app that helps artists and illustrators with all their drawing needs. The app offers numerous manga-style figures that pose in different human angles to help artists recreate and sketch complex realistic poses. In order to create the right pose and angle, illustrators require a model or someone who can carry out the correct posture so that they can produce the perfect human figure. With over 60 different poses and angles, the app provides models with various body shapes, real-time shadows, mirror imaging, as well as exercise and yoga poses. These digital figurines can be manipulated as per your desire to give you the perfect angle and direction you are looking for, without the need for any physical wooden model or toy. Play around with the lighting, shadow, facial angles etc., and get the perfect pose for your human drawing. 

Interface – 8/10

The Easy Poser app comes with a clear-cut outlook and design with a straightforward and simplified user interface. The functions and features are clearly listed to help you create the most complex pose without any hassle. Each function is well detailed and easy to comprehend and can be navigated with ease. The app offers 6 models in different shapes, and these can be selected easily via the menu. All other functionalities can be found on the app menu which is located on the main screen of the app. 

Menu and Features – 9/10

Easy Poser app is a virtual human posing platform to help artists with drawing the perfect human figure. Backed up and loaded with some great functions and features the app allows you to create the perfect digital model with all the correct angles and poses. The app comes with a sensitive operation that allows users to manipulate and control movable parts of the body, including joints and mirror functioning. It also comes with comic style figures for animation purposes. The best feature of the app is its multiple model control, in which you can work on up to 6 models at a time to create the perfect image. It also comes with over 60 pre-drawn poses that are commonly used by most artists. Other features include brilliant lighting settings, shadows, realistic angles, easy control of movements and much more. The auto-save function is also handy, especially if there are any errors found. 

Usability – 9/1

The Easy poser app is an extremely useful tool for those artists who would like to widen their imagination and who require additional help in order to enhance their illustration skills. Using the app is a breeze if you are aware of the different angles and poses that you are going to work with. All functions and features are well detailed on the app and are available on the main menu. Each feature comes with a proper description to help those who are new to the app. The overall usability and functionality of the app is superb and does not require any additional knowledge or skill.

Any glitches? – 6/10

The Easy Poser app works great for those utilizing the free version with limited features. However, there have been some issues with the pro version that must be purchased in order to avail all other additional features. The new upgrade does contain some glitches, but the overall performance of the app is brilliant. 

Devices Compatibility  

The app is free to download and is compatible with all Android devices including smartphones and tablets.  However, the app does require an Android version 4.1 and above in order to install. 

Is it any good? 

Fun and simple to utilize, the Easy Poser app comes with a wide range of extensive features and functions that would definitely accentuate the drawing and artistic skills of any illustrator. With a vast selection of different poses and angles, creating the perfect figure is easy. For those artists who would like quick help with sketching and animation on the go, then this is definitely the app for you. 


  • Enhances imagination
  • Over 60 different ready-made poses
  • Creations can be shared with other media platforms


  • Movement of models is limited and restricted
  • Contains bugs and glitches
  • Only consists of manga-figurines
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