BTS Wallpapers KPOP
BTS Wallpapers KPOP

BTS Wallpapers KPOP review

BTS or Bangtan Boys is a seven-member K-Pop group. Gaining massive popularity in the year 2013, this band is presently one of the most loved boy bands in the world.

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BTS Wallpapers KPOP review

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BTS Wallpapers KPOP review

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BTS or Bangtan Boys is a seven-member K-Pop group. Gaining massive popularity in the year 2013, this band is presently one of the most loved boy bands in the world.

Owing to its massive popularity, there are many who are in search of adorning their smartphones with these boys on screen! And who wouldn’t want to do so?

BTS Wallpapers KPOP developed by Abizard Network is just the thing you need if you are a BTS fan. The application has many pictures of the boy band, together and individual which will quench your thirst! A compiled list of images in one place, what more could a fan ask for?

Interface – 6/10

The application’s interface is the standard interface used by many wallpaper applications. The app has different lists for different segments and categories which make it easy for the user looks for what they need.

With more a hundred pictures, the app also allows you to perform some in-app activities, such as setting the image as a wallpaper or importing the image to your phone’s internal storage. Other than this, pinching on the screen will allow you to zoom in!

Menus and Features – 6/10

The menu is placed on the left-hand side of the application and has various options, including categories. Tapping on categories will allow you to go in further and pick out the category you need to select. The app also allows you to choose multiple categories to get you a compiled list of images. Furthermore, you can add these images to your internal storage with the help of the save button.

The “+” option on the image will open up a new menu, which will allow you to choose from various settings. You could set the image as your wallpaper, share it or save it, other than this you can swipe from one picture to the other without having to go back.

Usability – 7/10

This application is has a standard design. If you have used something of the similar kind, you will not encounter any usage problems. Other than that, the menu trays and categories are straightforward which will allow you to find exactly what you are looking for without being lost.

Device compatibility

The BTS K-Pop wallpaper app is compatible with all kinds of Android devices and above the 4.0 Android version.

Is it any good?

The app is a compilation of all the images and pictures that you can find on the massively popular band. However, this can also be done by using the search engines at your disposal. Although the app offers you many options, it will use up space on your phone. It is advised that you go through the internet and find your pictures for the boy-band.


  • The app has many images
  • Share, save or zoom, you can do it all


  • There are in-app purchases
  • Many Ads
  • It takes up space on your phone
  • The images shown in the preview may not be present in the app
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