Drive With Mario On Google Maps

In collaboration with Nintendo, Google celebrates the birthday of Super Mario, the popular character we have all grown to love through our childhood years, with an exciting driving adventure for all Google Map users. Mario will be at the wheel and morphed into the Google Maps app accompanying users on all their trips, this week. 

In order to activate this fun feature, users must first update their Google Maps app via the App Store. After which, on selecting the “Drive” option and inputting destination location, a yellow “?” would show up at the bottom of the screen. By simply clicking this “?”, users will be prompted if they would like to enable the Mario feature. 

Mario On Google Maps screenshot

Whether you are driving to work, school, a dinner date or home, Mario will be your driving companion throughout your journey. This entertaining feature will be available for all users for this week only. All users who enable this feature would also be amused by the classic sounds and effects that are usually heard while playing the famous Mario Kart game. These sounds will occur at the start and end of every drive. 

To make it even more enjoyable, users can take screenshots of their routes with the famous character displayed on the screen and share it with @GoogleMaps on social media including Twitter and Instagram, with #MarioMaps as the unique hashtag. 

So what are you waiting for? Update your app and navigate with the famous Super Mario. 

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