E3 Biggest News So Far

Another E3 is over, and we can sum up this event. There is a lot of news including those which disappoint a little bit because a range of released games was not announced. Still, we have plenty of things to discuss. We saw a lot of trailers, heard tons of announcements and have already started playing games of E3 2019. There are over a hundred of them. We are going to say a couple of words about the biggest news stories.

Games You Should Pay Your Attention To

cyberpank 2077 e3 conference

Perhaps, the most interesting news at E3 is a participation of Keanu Reeves in a Cyberpunk 2077. The actor himself attended the Microsoft conference and announced this game in person. He plays the role of a “digital ghost living in heads”. We are excited and eager to see the result.
Information about the next game on our list was leaked before the expo. Watch Dogs Legion was officially revealed at the conference of the producer which promised a never-before-seen gameplay with a plot full of actions and adventures. We wait for it in March of 2020.

The product of fruitful collaboration is Elden Ring. We could not believe in this tandem for a long time. But it is true. FromSoftware and George R.R. Martin suggested their product.
At the end of next February, you will get access to Gods & Monsters: A new adventure. This mystical game developed by the creator of Odyssey will suggest you save gods from awful creatures.

The next co-op is a shooter Rainbow Six Quarantine which can be judged on a cinematic trailer presented at Ubisoft's show. The plot is rather usual: a mutating alien virus threatens humankind. We would try it gladly taking into account rather attractive graphics.
And there is even more speaking cinematic trailer of Ghostwire: Tokyo. This action game developed by Ikumi Nakamura and Shinji Mikami is expected to be a real fantastic thriller with paranormal enemies. This is not survival horror but something more amazing.

Do you remember Ninja Theory? The new game of the same developer will be brought to the public this autumn already. This is a third-person brawler looking messy at first sight.
And here’s a thing looking really cool in the trailer. We want to learn more about it, but the release will be in the summer of 2020. This is Outrider, a mysterious sci-fi shooter from Bulletstorm.

It is good when the exact dates are available. Of course, they can be postponed, but still, we know what we can count on. In case with Deathloop, there is no information but there is a trailer resembling Groundhog's Day. It definitely includes the elements of this game and promises to be well-designed and to have an interesting gameplay.

Are you ready to battle with a zombie army? You will be suggested new challenges within Zombie Army 4: Dead War. The sequel of Respawn's series which continues the adventures of a key character.

Another sequel but with medieval combats known as Chivalry 2 is coming next year.
What else? We really recommend to consider Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga with a stunning trailer and a lot of expectations.

To add something different in zombie and alien themes Microsoft offers Flight Simulator with a classic gameplay which is well represented in the trailer. And at last to our opinion, Marvel's Avengers is worth your attention. It was kept secret for a long time until its demo was represented at the Square Enix conference.


But games are not the only topic of E3. AMD announced new graphics cards which will certainly compete with Nvidia's analogues.

In addition, we should mention the biggest trends of this expo - subscriptions and the cloud. Ubisoft suggests a subscription service for its games while Microsoft expands Xbox Game Pass onto PC. There are new engine-based tools making games more compatible thanks to cloud streaming.

Event Rich in News

There is much more news being brought by this annual event, and some of them are not positive. Unfortunately, some games announced last year were not released and some of the developers even did not take part in E3 2019. Still, it remains the best show of high significance for the gaming industry. Regardless of its modest experience (it was initiated in 2017) it attracts all companies involved in this field. Only here you can find hot news and true information about both gaming software and hardware. Stay tuned with us!

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