Best iOS Apps You're Not Using

Broaden Your Idea of Mobile Applications

Apple is famous for its powerful hardware certainly, but still, it suggests perfect experience due to a range of useful applications which can be easily installed on a device. Every user of iPhone knows plenty of them, but now I would like to remember favorites available at App Store but not too popular though they are very useful and smooth. I hope you’ll appreciate my efforts to reveal true gems being hidden until now

Drafts 5

Drafts 5 screen

This free app is made for taking notes and write novels. You are offered its fifth iteration providing a quick blank page with keyboard, ability to tag, sort, archive new notes saved in an Inbox or turn them into document, message, or social media comments with a range of quick actions and integrations. This text editor is customizable. You can change colors, margins, and other parameters of the layout. The basic version is downloaded for free but if you want to add quick actions and other features you should pay for a premium subscription.


AtYourGate screen

If you fly a lot, this airport companion will be of great help to you. It is oriented on retail opportunities allowing you to spend time at the airport waiting for your flight. It will show you the shops, restaurants, cafes located nearby so that you could buy food or last-minute gifts avoiding walking around the terminal in search. You can even order items to be delivered at the particular gate and pay via the app. It is available in a certain number of large airports. 

iTranslate Converse

itranslate screen

In order to benefit from the features of this app, you should pay $4.99 per month. But you can try it for a week without charge. It suggests two-way voice translation. You can choose any of 38 languages and even apply automatic language detection. You should speak into a mic of your device and the app will translate in no time. It provides text transcripts. It is very simple to use due to its intuitive interface.


libby app screen

Do you like to read ebooks? Do not spend your money on it and download a free Libby with digital media lending system. It allows borrowing ebooks and audiobooks from libraries which are connected to this service. You should sign in applying for your library card and search for the title you are interested in browsing digital media collection. All actions here are performed just with a tap. Such operations like the preview of the book, return, extending of the term are possible.

MyScript Nebo (Free)

MyScript Nebo screen

MyScript's Nebo is developed especially for the Apple Pencil. It is free and uses MyScript's Interactive Ink technology. You shot a handwritten text with a camera and Nebo automatically turn it into printed text. You can change the format, making emphasis, underlining, adding diagrams or annotation. It is possible to export the edited text into Microsoft Office documents or text files.

Just Press Record

Just Press Record screen

This app can be bought for $4.99 if you need a reliable voice recorder with powerful functionality. Almost all actions are performed in one tap. You can count on built-in transcription tools allowing to take notes easily. Users can record pressing for a long time a correspondent button and even if a lock screen is on you can do it or from notification widget. It transcribes speech supporting a range of languages. All records are arranged in accordance with the date and time they are made. You are able to rename them. 

Astropad Studio 

Astropad Studio

Have you ever used Astropad Studio app which is able to make a video graphics for your Mac? Buty it right now at a price of $11.99 per month. This is a subscription app designed for graphics professionals, It works through a USB connection or Wi-Fi. It is a stunning companion for Adobe Photoshop and similar software. You will find a lot of features including gesture controls here. 

They Should be Tried

As you can see, all the above apps deliver strong utility, rather unexpected features, and new user experiences. Even such simple ones as Carrot Weather providing weather forecasting will differ from what you see before. They help you to take all the advantages of your iPhone or iPad. We have listed just a few of them but you can easily find more ideas checking out the App Store scrolling through a multitude of categories. Some of them are absolutely free, others require a chargeable subscription. Give them a try and facilitate your life!

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