2 Photo EditorsYou Need To Pay Attention To

Are you in search of the perfect photo editing app that would enhance your picture and turn it into a masterpiece? With a wide variety of free picture editing platforms available online, with just a few clicks and swipes, you can alter your images into something extraordinary. Although there are many apps available with different features, filters, and special tools for editing, some users stick to the basic Instagram editing section, while others like to enhance and touch up on the photographs with photo editors before posting them on social media. With an array of apps to choose from, there are two apps that stand out from the rest. Offering users with the basic editing tools such as cropping, color balancing, and adjustments, sharpening, contrast, blurs, filters, overlays, and other special effects, Pixlr and EyeEm are the two apps that make editing look easy. Let us take a closer look at what these apps have to offer.


Pixlr application screenshots

Uniquely designed and created with an impressive user interface, Pixlr allows users to capture priceless moments and transform them into beautiful masterpieces with the help of a vast combination of special effects, filters, overlays and much more. Loaded with all the necessary editing tools you need, Pixlr is the ideal photo editing app that can be utilized by anyone, even those who have never edited a picture before. With a user-friendly interface and design, all features and functions are easy to access, and the app can be navigated without any hassle. Some of the key features of the app include a wide selection of backgrounds, layouts, collage designs, color balancing and more. You can layer your images and create special effects with the Double Exposure feature. Alter images to look like paintings, sketches, and posters. Touch up on your selfies with the help of the blemish tool and select from a range of effect packs to alter your image any which way you like. Other great features include overlays, adding text, stickers, borders and other fun effects to your images. What makes it even better is once you are done, you can directly share your creations via the app onto any social media platform including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, etc. 


EyeEm application screenshot

Unlike most photo editing apps available today, EyeEm offers its users the chance to boost their skills via the community of photographers who are an integral part of the app. This means newbies, amateurs and inexperienced photographers essentially turn into professionals by selling their creations and photographs on the apps marketplace. Alongside this exciting opportunity, EyeEm also comes with a basic photo editor along with a variety of editing tools and effects to help alter and enhance images before posting them online. However, it does not include an undo option. EyeEm is an exceptional platform for photographers to gain extra exposure, allowing them to share their creativity and gain from it monetarily as well. Many upcoming photographers have been discovered via EyeEm after connecting with worldwide brans and image buyers. Stay safe and keep a track of your copyright and post the images you want to sell, get discovered and utilize your talents and passion to make money with the help of EyeEm. 

Although both apps are free to download and is compatible with all Android devices, it is suggested to use Pixlr as the photo editing platform before posting your masterpieces on the EyeEm marketplace as EyeEm is a much more fruitful base for improving photographer’s skills and making money. 

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