BK Package Disabler (Samsung)
BK Package Disabler (Samsung)

BK Package Disabler (Samsung) review

With this app installed on your Samsung device viz. Galaxy S, Note, Tab, A, J, Grand, etc., you can disable, freeze, and block applications easily. Whether it is an app installed by...

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BK Package Disabler (Samsung) review

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Emily Irish

BK Package Disabler (Samsung) review

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With this app installed on your Samsung device viz. Galaxy S, Note, Tab, A, J, Grand, etc., you can disable, freeze, and block applications easily. Whether it is an app installed by you or it is a system or bloatware app, BK Package Disabler takes care of all. The app is, in fact, a great tool to save RAM usage, boost the battery life, and enhance the overall performance of the device. And guess what! To use the app, there is no need to root your phone.

Using the app is quite simple and quick. All you need to do is to simply tap on the apps or bloatware (widgets, pre-installed Samsung apps) to disable and enable them. Apart from merely disabling and enabling the applications installed on your Samsung device, you can even know all the app-related information.

Interface 8/10

The interface of the app is quite simple and minimal. All the functions and options, i.e. search, filter, etc. have been placed strategically on the header of the app, thereby ensuring no sort of clutter. Further, there are just switch buttons and checkboxes placed beside every running app, which further enhance the style quotient of the app. All in all, when it comes to the design and interface of the app, they are decent and easy-on-eyes.

Menu and Features 9/10

Oodles of essential features and functionalities make the app a preferred choice for many. With this app, you can disable and enable app packages with just one tap. There is an advanced disabler that lets you disable your camera, power off key, home key, etc. You can even export/import disable packages list to external storage in XML format. Apart from these major functionalities, there are various other options too, for instance, clear application data, filter, multiple custom widget, password protection mode, etc.

Usability 8/10

There are certain apps which can be uninstalled easily. However, there are certain system apps and bloatware which you cannot remove from your phone or smart device. In such a case, you can use BL Package Disabler to disable these apps. You can even use the app to save RAM, improve the life of the battery, and boost the overall performance of your Samsung device.

Any Glitches? 7/10

The app seemed to work fine till it received its recent update. Users have reported certain issues after they received the last update of the app. They are now facing issues when they are trying to disable the system app or bloatware individually.

Devices Compatibility

The app has been designed keeping in mind the Samsung Galaxy devices. It works seamlessly on Galaxy S5, S6/S6 Edge, S7/S7 Edge, Note 3/4/5, and almost all other Samsung Galaxy devices.

Is it Any Good?

BK Package Disabler for Samsung Galaxy devices is an amazing tool to disable apps that cannot be disabled otherwise. Right from simple installed apps to camera and power off button, you can disable all with a single tap. Also, you can enable the disabled apps as and when you require them. The app is easy to use and help you boost the performance of your device.


  • Works Without Root
  • It Lets You Clear the Application Data
  • Support Plugin for Tasker


  • Enabling all the Apps Again is Necessary Before Updating the App
  • Camera, Home Key, etc. can Be Disabled only Temporarily
Menu and Features
Any glitches?
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