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Battle Breakers

Battle Breakers review

What mobile gaming industry has made of card games is sometimes stunning. Battle Breakers is, in fact, a card action game, with a set of heroes you command and the enemies to beat, a... is not an official representative or the developer of this application. Copyrighted materials belong to their respective owners

Battle Breakers review

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Battle Breakers review

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What mobile gaming industry has made of card games is sometimes stunning. Battle Breakers is, in fact, a card action game, with a set of heroes you command and the enemies to beat, and it represents well-known turn-based card mechanics. These games seemed doomed to be static, but the developers have proved this prejudice wrong.

Now it’s a very spectacular game, with great animation and spectacular battles. And (thanks for that) it doesn’t require a super fresh device to play it. The game is optimized well. It’s both an eye-candy and a brain-candy, if we may say so. Great visuals go side by side with tactical thinking you’ll have to use.

And… prepare. If your inner child is still in here, they will be totally delighted with that unleashed fantasy you’ll enter. And you may lose control while giving this child such a luxurious toy, especially if you were born before 1990.

Gameplay 9/10

In mystical fairytale setting the world is taken over by demons that have covered it with crystals under the layer of ground. The crystals may be the home of dangerous demons, elves, and even devils. Your team of heroes is on the mission of fighting them. Spot by spot you clear the land.

The game utilizes the good old rock-paper-scissors mechanics. Each hero or enemy belongs to some element marked by color. Fire is over Nature, Water is stronger than Fire, and Water is strong versus Fire; there are also Energy and Neutral elements. The damage may increase or decrease to 50%, depending on what attacks what.

The developers let their fantasy fly free, so your team may consist of magicians, fighters, ninjas, robots and even dinosaurs. Heroes can also use their pets in battles. There are also assistants that come to help from aside.

Of course, enemies grow stronger as you proceed, and you need to upgrade your team for money you earn by victories or invest from your pocket.

Graphics 8/10

The word for graphics is “rich”. Detailed pictures, animated battles, visualized spells and shiny crystals make the game very bright, manga-like. Sometimes the screen seems a bit overfilled with characters, enemies, info on each of them. But it’s the question of getting used.

The game is playable on top smartphones of 2014. We tried it even on LG G3, the QHD phone with probably the worst CPU performance/display resolution ratio. And it ran smoothly enough to be highly playable.

It doesn’t require much space in your storage. Though for each battle it downloads extra 20-40 MB; not much of a problem for unlimited data plan users, but for those in roaming or on limited plans it’s a restriction.

Replay Value 4/10

As you progress, you unlock new locations, new heroes and enemies, and upgrade your existing team. Wirth all these new possibilities, it would seem dull to start over.

But anyway, the game offers a lot of levels you can explore for long. Your account grants cloud syncing, so even if you reinstall the game on a new device, you can start right where you quit last time.

Controls 9/10

When you’ve just began, it may be hard to select the hero and the target, but you get used to it soon.  Everything else is as intuitive as can be with touch controls. The app reacts fast to any tap or swipe.


One of the best action card games, Battle Breakers offers the whole universe with quite simple rules.. It equally requires tactical thinking, calculating abilities and quick reaction. You may spend more time at it than you planned. Its complicated world won’t let you play it too casually; you may need to launch it every day to succeed as well as you’d like.

It also helps getting used to it, because rich graphical part may confuse you in the beginning, and you may play by trial and error. Luckily, the first battles are rather easy.

Maybe, if you’re on a limited data plan, it will be too much luxury to download 20-40 MB each time you start a battle. Unlimited plans or Wi-Fi can help that.


  • Easy to learn basics, complicated details
  • Spectacular battles
  • A lot of heroes and enemies available.


  • Downloads some additional content before each battle
  • Requires more donations for success as you proceed
  • Manga-style graphics may be not the kind you prefer.
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